5 Friendly Bird Species For First Time Owners

Owning a bird can be an incredibly rewarding experience. They are intelligent, sociable and affectionate, which makes them great as family pets. Also, they generally do well in houses with children as well. But if you are a first time bird owner, you need to select from those species which are affable and are easy to maintain as well.
Here are five bird species which are friendly, affectionate and easier to maintain for all those folks who are getting a bird for the first time.


Cockatiels are friendly and affectionate birds who make ideal pets for first time owners. Although these birds are native to Australia, they are now widely available in India as well. Cockatiels show exceptional intelligence as they are known to mimic sounds of doorbell, phones, alarm clock, and whistles from television, radio etc. Since they are also small in size, they occupy less space in the house and are ideal birds for small household dwellers and those who live in apartments.


One of the easiest birds to take care of, Parrotlets are an excellent choice for those who are getting a bird for the first time. They are known to form strong bonds with their owners and have a feisty personality in general. They are also the smallest birds in the whole parrot family and are great for apartment dwellers. Parrotlets are also good at entertaining, as they are known to talk and develop impressive vocabulary as well. However, these birds need regular attention from their owners, or else they may resort to destructive behaviours.


Budgies are among the most loved bird species in the world. Also known as Parakeets, Budgies are friendly, affectionate and socialise quite quickly. Since they are also small in size, Budgies are extremely easy to handle as well. One interesting thing about Budgies is that they are terrific talkers, and are capable of having a vocabulary of 100 words. If you can train them properly, Budgies can learn some fun and exciting tricks which will entertain your guests, especially children.


As the name itself applies, Lovebirds are known for their tremendous love and affection. They are also highly intelligent, which makes it easier for you to train them. In fact, you can also toilet train them quite easily. Lovebirds are best kept as pairs, since they need constant attention and affection. Their small physical size also means that they will adjust well, even if you are short in space. Lovebirds are highly active and need daily exercise in order to prevent destructive behaviour in them.


Cockatoos are friendly birds who are known to bond well with their owners. They are even capable of mimicking your words, if you are around them long enough.Since they also have a long lifespan, Cockatoos are ideal birds as family pets. They are also highly active birds, which means they need some daily dose of exercise. As Cockatiels also love chewing, you can give them items like softwood toys, tree branches, cardboards etc, to channel their pent-up energy.
In Short,
Birds make excellent pets. So if you are a first time bird owner and are searching for ideal options, you may consider one from these five birds as they are friendly and incredibly easier to maintain as well. All you need to give them is good nutrition, exercise, toys and love, they will quickly become your great companions.

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