Parrot Keeps Checking In From Highway Traffic Camera

One day, the routine feed from a highway traffic camera transformed into an unexpected spectacle when a curious parrot decided it was time for its close-up. Far from the monotonous flow of vehicles that typically dominated the screen, viewers were now treated to the vibrant and up-close presence of this inquisitive parrot. The bird, seemingly intrigued by the camera, ventured to inspect it, bringing a burst of color and life to the otherwise mechanical scenery. The camera operator, caught off guard by this amusing and rare interaction, was suddenly presented with a scene that was anything but ordinary.
The parrot’s impromptu appearance not only captivated those monitoring the traffic feed but also provided an amusing diversion, highlighting how nature can unexpectedly insert itself into our technology-driven lives.
Image/Story Source Credit: RPC via FB video
“A parrot decided to appear in a surveillance camera of the BR-116, in Curitiba,” the video caption says as translated. The parrot was later identified as a turquoise-fronted amazon, a vibrant green and yellow bird native to the region in Brazil. The parrot might not know it, but he got his 15 minutes of fame for his curiosity!
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