The Last Dog Left In Shelter Plays With Her ‘Imaginary Friends’

The compassionate shelter teams are deeply aware of their cherished animals’ yearning for a forever home and the unconditional love of a family. It’s the ultimate aspiration for every shelter dog- an essential need for their complete happiness. To aid in this mission, the Metro East Humane Society holds an annual adoption event with the generous support of sponsors covering the adoption fees. This year’s event was exceptionally successful, bringing immense joy to the staff as 94 animals, including 64 dogs, were adopted into loving homes. Every animal found their happily ever after, except one.
Among the celebratory farewells, one dog, Frito, found herself without a family. The shelter’s beloved dog was notably disappointed as the event concluded. The staff, disheartened to see Frito overlooked, transported her back to their facility in Madison County, Illinois, where an echoing silence greeted them.
Recognizing her solitary return, Frito conveyed a poignant sadness to her caretakers. Before settling in for the night, the staff took a moment to cradle Frito’s face, offering cuddles and kisses and words of comfort, promising a brighter future. Undeterred by the previous day’s events, Frito demonstrated resilience and joy the following day. With no companions to play with, she energetically ran around the yard, engaging with her “imaginary friends” as depicted in a TikTok video by the shelter staff, her spirit undimmed as she played with her toys.

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The shelter staff remains hopeful that Frito will soon find her destined family. She is an exceptional dog with a zest for life, deserving of a loving home. Recently, the shelter shared an update on TikTok that Frito has been moved to a foster home, where she is thoroughly enjoying the comfort and warmth of a household, eagerly awaiting the day she finds her permanent home.
PUPdate: Frito has been adopted by a kind man. She’s living her best life and we couldn’t be happier for her!
To learn more about Metro East Humane Society and see all the amazing things they do, check out their Facebook page by clicking here.
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