Dog Trapped In Icy Lake Held Onto Sunken Wooden Railing

In this harrowing rescue story, which took place in Lancashire, England, we meet a brave and intelligent German Shepherd. While we are unsure how the pup ended up trapped in a lake, we do know that he did all he could to save himself. He swam his little doggy heart out until he found a wooden structure to cling to. It appears to be a railing from a dock. A concerned citizen spotted the dog and called for help. When rescuers from emergency services arrived, the cold and scared pup was in obvious distress. He perilously held onto the railing while several rescuers entered the icy water.
The sweet-natured dog was terrified and withdrawn. They weren’t sure if he was dumped in the area or had run away. But they do know that the dog had clung to the railing throughout the night. The rescue workers pulled him from the water and wrapped him up tightly. Next, they had to warm him up. The rescuers drove swiftly to the shelter for a full check-up. Hypothermia would have surely set in if it wasn’t for a phone call from a passerby.
The vet said the dog is otherwise healthy, albeit timid and withdrawn. They are currently looking for the dog’s family, and his face and story are being shared on social media and news outlets. We are so relieved this pup is safe and pray he is reunited with his family soon.
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