Dog Keeps Bringing Bunny To Bed As A ‘Stand-In-Mama’ For Her Babies

Dogs are simply amazing creatures that melt our hearts and bring us endless smiles. People who aren’t exposed to their magnificence and charm often underestimate just how smart and sweet they are. This delightful pooch, named Koda, gave birth to a beautiful litter of healthy puppies. In this world, there’s no greater love than the one between a parent and their child. Moms especially, their innate maternal instincts guide them to do all they can to ensure their children are happy and healthy. Koda is no exception.
In the TikTok video below, Koda’s puppies are 13 days old and living in a kiddie pool. They can’t do much on their own, and she understands that they rely on her for everything. She cares for her pups by snuggling with them, nursing them, and watching over them. But there are times when she needs to leave them be and take care of herself. Koda didn’t want the babies to feel lonely without her there.
The clever dog came up with a brilliant plan! She picked out her favorite plush rabbit from her toy bin and carried it to her puppies. She placed it inside the kiddie pool. The babies instantly snuggled up to the bunny. Koda then felt confident that she could leave the pups for a short period of time with the bunny as a stand-in.
Koda’s human mom wasn’t sure if it was a good idea or a coincidence, so she took the bunny away several times. But Koda insisted on bringing it back. The mama dog knew that the bunny smelled like her and would bring her babies comfort and love. And boy, was she right! This video is too precious to miss! Thank you, Kate, for sharing Koda’s wonderful story.
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