A Guy Adopts Rejected Pit Bull Puppy And Learns ‘The Truth’ About His Breed

“Because they weren’t pure-bred Pit Bulls, they were just dumped at the shelter. The typical put in a box, turn away, and don’t look back.”
From the moment they enter the world, innocent puppies are in dire need of their mother’s unwavering love and care to grow into joyful, well-adjusted dogs. Regrettably, not all puppies have the opportunity to grow up under their mother’s watchful eye. Koby, a Pit Bull mix, was one such puppy who was prematurely taken away from his mother during a crucial time of need and growth. His former owners, unfeeling breeders disappointed by the puppies’ mixed lineage, abandoned Koby and his siblings at a South Carolina shelter.
Longing for the warmth of their mother, they were instead left in a cardboard box, yearning for someone to offer them the tenderness and affection they were denied. The shelter staff discovered the puppies and promptly took them in. Due to the risk posed by the shelter’s policy, Ollie’s Angels Animal Rescue, a New York-based nonprofit, intervened to provide a safer environment for Koby and his littermates.
“Because they weren’t pure-bred Pit Bull, they were just dumped at the shelter. The typical put in a box, turn away, and don’t look back.” — Geobeats
In 2021, Steven and Jessica, a couple fresh into their marriage, were seeking to adopt a dog and visited the rescue. There, they were immediately drawn to a charming tan Pit Bull puppy, Koby, feeling a deep bond with him from their first embrace.
“The moment we held him, he just melted into our arms.”
That day marked the beginning of Koby’s new life with his adoptive parents. Adjusting to his new surroundings, Koby initially struggled with restlessness at night. To ease his discomfort, Steven and Jessica provided him with a stuffed toy that emitted warmth and a simulated heartbeat, bringing solace to Koby.
Koby, a bundle of affection, cherished moments spent cuddling with Steven on the sofa, revealing Steven’s newfound appreciation for Pit Bull’s affectionate nature. Steven and Jessica embraced Koby wholeheartedly, treating him as their child and showering him with love.
Koby developed a profound attachment to his parents, visibly distressed whenever separated from them. His emotions were transparent, allowing his parents to understand his feelings through his expressive eyes. The early separation from his mother left a lasting impact on Koby, making him yearn for the comfort and love he missed.
“You can sense his emotions through his eyes. You know exactly what he’s feeling from his eyes alone.”
Yet, Koby reciprocated all the love he received from his human parents, especially displaying protectiveness during Jessica’s pregnancy, staying close and often resting his head on her. Despite his affection for Jessica, Steven remained Koby’s favorite. Koby continues to wait by the window on a daily basis for Steven’s return from work, greeting him with exuberant joy and affection each day.
Steven views Koby not just as a pet but as a son, cherishing their daily reunions. For Steven and Jessica, life without Koby is unimaginable, as he has become an integral part of their family.
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