How to Address Digging Behaviour in Dogs?

A dog’s tendency to dig comes naturally to them as their ancestors used to be hunters and burrowers. Although it’s a normal instinct for them, too much digging can be problematic for its owners.
If your dog has a problem with excessive digging, here is a small guide to help you eliminate this behaviour. But first, you need to understand why your dog is digging too much,
Why Do Dogs Indulge in Excessive Digging Behaviour?
Here are some of the reasons why dogs dig too much,

Instinctive Behaviour: Dogs mainly do digging to explore, escape loneliness, hunt prey, or create a comfortable resting space for themselves.

Lack of Exercise or Boredom: Dogs who are bored or have pent-up energy will resort to digging as an outlet.

Seeking Comfort: During hot weather, dogs dig to find cooler ground or to create a cosy den-like environment.

How to Stop Digging Behaviour in Dogs?
Below are some of the ways how you can stop excessive digging behaviour in the canines.

Provide Sufficient Exercise: Regularly give your dogs enough physical and mental exercise to channel their pent-up energy. You can give them some engaging dog toys and opt for long walking sessions to tire them out. This significantly reduces the tendency of digging in them.

Create a Digging Zone For Them: A separate digging area for your dogs helps a lot in saving your precious furniture. For instance, a sandbox or a corner in your garden can be given to them to satisfy their urge to dig. You can encourage them to dig there by planting some delicious treats.

Redirect their Digging Behaviour: Always keep an eye on your dog when they are playing outside. Each time they start digging, interrupt them with a firm “No” and guide them to some tiring activities like fetching.

Make Digging Difficult For Them: If your dogs like to bury certain areas outside of your house, try to bury rocks or chicken wires inside those places. This will deter them from digging in the future.

Offer Mental Stimulation: Stimulating your dogs mentally and keeping them busy significantly helps reduce undesirable behaviours, including digging. You can provide them with interactive dog toys to keep them highly focused.

Spend Some Time With Them Daily: Dogs crave attention from their owners and if they don’t get it enough, they can resort to a behaviour like digging. Spend some quality time with them daily, and go for walks at least twice a day, if possible.

Seek Professional Help If Necessary: If the digging behaviour is still persisting in your dogs, consult a veterinarian. They can check whether your dog’s habit indicates some underlying illness, and if yes, they can provide you with some excellent solutions for the same.

In Short,
Understanding why your dog is digging and implementing appropriate strategies will help you eliminate this undesirable habit. Also, be patient as you go along with the training sessions and reward them with treats and praises whenever they listen to your command.

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