Two Shelter Dogs Clung To One Another As Their Names Moved Up ‘The List’

A photograph of a pair of puppies embracing one another quickly spread on social media. The photograph was taken moments before the shelter dogs were scheduled to be euthanized. But thanks to the efforts of Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, both dogs were saved and found forever homes. The dogs, Kala, an 11-month-old Hound mix, and Keira, a 15-month-old Boxer mix, captured the hearts of many after the pet rescue shared their heartwarming hug. The photograph, taken at the Etowah Valley Humane Society, was used by Angels Among Us Pet Rescue in a campaign to solicit donations.
These funds were aimed at rescuing the dogs from being euthanized, covering the costs of microchipping, and providing them with necessary veterinary care. The photo worked and soon the dogs were ‘bailed out’ and taken to a foster home with Cris Folchitto. He fostered Kala and Keira for several months before Wendy and Pam adopted the pups.
Wendy and Pam, two best friends and roommates in Georgia, happily brought Kala and Keira home. This adoption came at a poignant time for Pam, who had just lost her two senior dogs. Discovering Kala and Keira’s story in a magazine, she learned that the affectionate pair was still in need of a home.” It just fell together,” Pam shared with the pet rescue, expressing how adopting the young, lively dogs transformed their sorrow into joy.
Wendy mentioned to the rescue organization that she and Pam are in the process of creating a Facebook Page dedicated to Kala and Keira. This page aims to keep followers updated on the lives of the “hugging dogs” and to generate donations to assist Angels Among Us Pet Rescue in its mission to save other dogs at risk of euthanasia.
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