Woman Erupts Into Tear-Jerking Laughter At Dog’s ‘Devilish’ Behavior

Our dogs are lovable, loyal creatures who never fail to brighten our days. Whether it’s a slobbery kiss, a tail wag, or a goofy smile, dogs remind us that their happiness comes from simple things. They don’t need much– with consistent meals, affection, and playtime, our pups will thrive and blossom. Their happiness is often infectious and we can learn a thing or two just by being in their presence. The dog in this story, Grissom, reminds his mama that laughter can be the best medicine, but his ‘reminder’ is not for the faint of heart.
Makayla was going through a rough patch in her life. She had recently gone through a bad breakup, and her spirits were low. Grissom was entering his ‘teenage phase’ and was quite a handful. Makayla decided to hire a trainer to help them both. Makayla didn’t realize that Grissom’s anxiety was causing his hyperactivity, but thankfully, the trainer explained that his nervous energy led to his behavior.
With consistency and patience, Grissom learned good manners, but not before this specific incident was shared all over the internet. Makayla went out on the deck with her pup. It was a cool day, and Makayla dressed accordingly. Grissom, with his playful, deviant side, grabbed hold of Makayla’s jacket hood. He pulled so hard that Makayla fell to the ground. But instead of panicking, the dog mom erupted into laughter.
While this ‘bad behavior’ may have ticked off other dog parents, Makayla took this opportunity to let go of all her negative emotions. Grissom dragged his mom about, and the patient woman continued to laugh until tears flowed from her eyes. The pup made her realize that happiness can be simple, even if it comes from a disastrous experience.
To witness Grissom’s antics and learn about Makayla and the pup’s backstory, play the video below. Aren’t dogs the best?!
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