Woman’s Afraid Of The Dog She Adopted But Still Brings Him Home

In Mississippi, a rescue organization faced challenges in rehoming Tater Tot, a stray dog shrouded in mystery. Afflicted with heartworm and significantly underweight, Tater Tot bore a telling scar on his leg, hinting at a troubled past. Despite several prospective adopters withdrawing interest, Tater Tot’s fortunes shifted upon meeting Caitlyn.
Caitlyn’s arrival marked a turning point in Tater Tot’s journey. With her compassionate heart and determination, she saw past his scars and ailments, recognizing his resilience and potential for love. Their meeting ignited a bond that would transform both their lives, offering Tater Tot the chance for a brighter future filled with love and security. Through Caitlyn’s unwavering dedication, Tater Tot found the loving home he so rightfully deserved, proving that every dog, regardless of their past, deserves a second chance at happiness.
Originally, Caitlyn adopted Tater Tot for a friend in training for the Navy. The two friends had planned to move to Florida together. However, when Caitlyn met Tater Tot, she was nervous and intimidated by his size and physical features. To her surprise, Tater Tot immediately approached her, brushed against her legs, and sat in her lap. It was as if he had chosen her as his new owner.
Unfortunately, the move to Florida didn’t work out, but Caitlyn decided to keep Tater Tot, quickly falling in love with him. Initially, Tater Tot was afraid of everything and everyone, possibly indicating a history of abuse. He would flinch and run whenever Caitlyn picked up something large or made a loud noise. It took a long time for him to adjust to his new home and feel safe, but eventually, he became more comfortable around strangers.
Tater Tot’s goofy personality soon emerged, with Caitlyn’s mom even joking that she taught him how to roll his eyes. Now weighing around 60 pounds, Tater Tot loves sitting or laying directly on top of Caitlyn. He still waits by the front door for his daily walks, but they no longer visit dog parks. When they first tried going to dog parks, many people would leave, claiming that Tater Tot was aggressive and they didn’t want to be around him.
Caitlyn and Tater Tot have developed a strong bond, with Tater Tot being very responsive and in tune with her emotions. When he first came home, he would be afraid and hide if he saw Caitlyn cry or sensed her anger. To this day, Tater Tot still dislikes tile and wood floors, so when Caitlyn moved, she specifically chose a house with carpet.
Tater Tot has a sister named Sweet Pea, another dog Caitlyn adopted. Sweet Pea was likely used for breeding, but now the two dogs nap and cuddle together, and do not like being separated for long periods of time. Tater Tot has completely changed Caitlyn’s life for the better, and she couldn’t imagine life without him.
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