Dog ‘Hiding Tragic Secret’ Fights For Better Days And New Mom

This happy ending story has a heartbreaking start. But with love and resilience, this pup persevered! Josie, a beautiful dog with a heartwarming story, has captured the hearts of many. Despite losing her vision in both eyes due to a tragic injury, Josie has shown incredible resilience and an unwavering zest for life. Found on the side of the road in Alabama, she was injured and frightened, but her life took a turn for the better when she was adopted by a loving veterinarian with a soft spot for special needs animals.
From the moment Josie stepped foot in her new home, she made it clear that she did not want any special accommodations or help. Instead, she quickly adapted to her surroundings, creating a mental map of the house and even learning how to climb stairs. Josie’s brilliance and independence have left a lasting impression on everyone she meets.
One of Josie’s unique traits is her ability to use buttons to communicate. Her favorite button is the ‘dental chew’ button, which she presses constantly. If she doesn’t get what she asks for immediately, she becomes more insistent with her button pressing. People are often amazed when they discover that Josie is completely blind, as she has large, expressive eyes that, unfortunately, cannot see.
Josie has also been a welcoming foster sister to other dogs with disabilities, providing a soft place for them to land while they search for their forever families in Massachusetts. One of her foster siblings was also completely blind, and the two became inseparable, playing together and even running around the yard with an uncanny awareness of their surroundings. Josie’s foster family was sad to see her friend go, but they found comfort in each other’s company.
In addition to adjusting to life without sight, Josie had to get used to living with cats. She quickly grew to love her feline housemates, though the cats took some time to adapt to having a young dog around. Josie’s adoptive mother credits her with teaching her about strength and overcoming adversity.
Though Josie still has both of her eyes, the path the pellets took caused her vision loss. But she doesn’t hold a grudge and wakes up every day as if it’s the best day of her life. Her adoptive father may disagree, but her mother insists that Josie is definitely a mama’s girl. The bond between Josie and her adoptive mother has been transformative for both of them, and they continue to learn and grow together.
Josie’s story is one of resilience, love, and the power of a strong spirit. Her ability to overcome adversity and adapt to her new life is a testament to her incredible strength. Through her journey, she has touched the lives of many.
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