Guy Yanked Big-Thumbed Kitten From Breeder To Bring Home To Dog

Dogs aren’t just our family– they’re loyal, loving and, of course, amazing. The dog in this story reminds us that pups have an endless amount of love to give. Skywalker, a kitten with oversized paws, faced rejection from a breeder who saw him only as a financial burden due to his genetic disorder. The breeder brought him to a vet, requesting euthanasia. Thankfully, a compassionate clinic worker couldn’t bear to end Skywalker’s life. He took the kitten home and introduced him to Mojito, his Golden Retriever. Instantly, they formed a strong bond, spending all their time together.
Golden Retrievers, known for their caring nature, took to Skywalker as if he were her own. Mojito fulfilled the roles of friend and mother, caring for Skywalker while playing with him. Always watchful, Mojito rarely let Skywalker out of their sight. She protected him and gave him all the love possible. The two often snuggle and fall asleep together, creating heartwarming photos and videos their dad will never part with.
Their companionship continues to bring their dad immense joy. Mojito’s loving temperament is a perfect match for Skywalker. As Skywalker grew into adulthood, their friendship has remained unshaken. He cherishes Mojito’s affection so much that he rarely lets his dog mom out of his sight. Seven months have passed, yet their bond remains unbreakable.
Thanks to the clinic worker’s compassion, Mojito and Skywalker have formed an unbreakable connection that will forever remain unscathed. Their dad couldn’t be happier! Skywalker found not just a friend but a surrogate mother in Mojito.
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