Resilient Dog Clings To ‘Support’ Bear From Former Home Amid Shelter Chaos

Amidst the chaos and new environment, Luna, a vivacious young pup, sought solace in the comforting embrace of her teddy bear. Beyond being a mere plaything, the plush companion symbolized a tether to the familiar comforts of home that Luna had left behind. Recently taken under the wing of San Antonio Animal Care Services, Luna’s exuberant spirit and affectionate nature served as a poignant reminder of the emotional toll of her displacement.
Despite the uncertainty surrounding her, Luna’s unwavering loyalty to her teddy bear provided a glimpse into the depth of her resilience and the enduring bonds she cherished.
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Lisa Norwood, the public relations manager at the shelter, observed Luna’s attachment to the bear. “Apparently she carries that teddy bear everywhere with her,” Lisa says in the video below. The bear, a tangible link to Luna’s past, emitted the comforting scent of home. “I guess that’s her emotional support bear, as you can see.”
Despite the challenges, Luna had a team of advocates at the shelter and beyond. The Animal Care Services staff, captivated by Luna’s playful energy, patiently helped her navigate the overwhelming changes. Luna’s journey took a positive turn when she and her teddy bear were welcomed into the caring arms of Vermont English Bulldog Rescue.
San Antonio Urgents & Adoptables/Facebook
Norwood expressed her hopes for Luna, envisioning a future where Luna finds a family that appreciates her vibrant personality. We have all the hope in the world that this precious dog, and her bear, will find a loving home very soon!
A special shoutout to San Antonio Animal Care Services for sharing Luna’s video. Without wonderful workers and volunteers who advocate for pets, so many animals would be lost in the shelter system. Let’s spread the word so this pup and her emotional support bear find their forever family!
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