Paralyzed Dog Crashes His Wheelchair So He Can Free Himself

Iron, a paralyzed Pit Bull, was discovered on the side of the road in Puerto Rico. He was unable to stand and dragged his hind legs. It was assumed that he had been hit by a car, resulting in a traumatic spinal injury. The situation seemed bleak, but Iron’s incredible journey to recovery would soon inspire a nation. When Iron’s story was first shared on Instagram, it immediately struck a chord with many viewers, including a veterinary nurse who couldn’t help but cry at the sight of the broken dog.
The New York Bully Crew, a rescue organization, reached out to the nurse and asked if she would be willing to take Iron in and work with him. She eagerly agreed, determined to help Iron walk again, even if he would never walk normally. Upon meeting Iron, the nurse was shocked by his small size. Despite appearing large in photos and videos, Iron weighed only 27 pounds.
His eyes were filled with sadness, and it was clear that he was emotionally shut down. Knowing that Iron would never be 100% healthy, the nurse began a careful regimen of physical therapy, range of motion exercises, and a balanced diet to help him regain his strength. Progress was slow and uncertain at first.
Iron was provided with a wheelchair, but within a few weeks, he began taking small steps on his own. Over the course of six weeks, Iron’s determination and spirit began to shine through as he continued to improve. He would even intentionally crash his wheelchair just to prove that he could run after the other dogs without it.
As Iron continued to thrive, it became increasingly apparent that he had found his forever home with the nurse who had saved him. When asked if there were any applications to adopt Iron, the nurse replied, “No, why should we be taking applications?” The nurse said absolutely not! Iron was then officially adopted. He found a loving family and an incredible bond with the woman who had given him a second chance.
Iron’s journey is a testament to the power of love, determination, and resilience. From being paralyzed on the side of the road to running and playing with other dogs, Iron defied all odds and proved that even the most dire situations can have a happy ending. The nurse who adopted Iron believes that they are the ones who truly won the lottery by having him in their lives, and his story serves as an inspiration to never give up on those who need our help the most.
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