Once At Risk Of Euthanasia, Poncho Now Enjoys A Spacious Foster Home Thanks To You!

Every time you shop at the iHeartDogs store, part of that profit goes to Greater Good Charities, an organization that helps lots of animals in need. Through Greater Good Charities’ GOODS Program, food and other essential supplies are donated to rescues and shelters. These donations can save the lives of many animals in need, such as this adorable Australian Shepherd mix named Poncho.
Like many dogs, Poncho was left unwanted in an overcrowded shelter, putting him at risk of euthanasia. Luckily, Circle L Rescue in Oklahoma saved him before it came to that, giving him a second chance at life. Poncho went into a loving foster home where he had lots of space to run around and play, but at first, he was too scared to let his true personality shine.

Poncho was underweight and didn’t understand normal dog things like toys and beds. Yet, as he got more comfortable around humans, he learned to look forward to treats and enjoy curling up in a cozy dog bed. He also adores running around the yard of his foster family’s lakeside property. He’s living his best life while waiting for his forever home to come along.
Your Donations Saved Poncho!
Thanks to the GOODS Program, Circle L Rescue receives essential donations like food, toys, and beds. These donations help dogs like Poncho thrive in foster care. Since the rescue doesn’t have to spend as much on supplies, they can focus their funds on other areas of care like medical needs, making it easier for them to save more dogs.

“Without the GOODS Program, we would not be able to care for the amount of animals we do monthly,” Circle L Rescue wrote. “Simply put, more animals would suffer and potentially die without this help. The GOODS Program and their donors allow our small rescue to afford quality nutrition for all the animals in our care – without having to reduce the quality of food due to upfront costs. This program is life saving.”
When you buy products from the iHeartDogs store, you’re helping dogs like Poncho get a second chance at life. Even small purchases can make a difference for animals in need. So, thank you to all the heroes who have shopped at iHeartDogs to make an impact!
Shop & Give Back!
The following products provide quality dog food for shelters and rescues, helping them reserve more of their precious funds for medical expenses, supplies, and spreading the word about their adoptable pups. Learn more.

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