Senior Dogs Get One Another Through The Loss Of Their Big Brother

Stories like this one warm our hearts. Dogs never cease to amaze us and we will forever be blown away by their loyalty and devotion. Finn and Penny, two rescued dogs, have formed an inseparable bond that has not only changed their lives but also touched the hearts of their beloved family. Their heartwarming story began when a woman adopted a 20-year-old rescue Pit Bull named Poe. The woman also adopted Finn, a dog found with 35 other dogs in a hoarding situation. And Penny, who was just a puppy at the time when she was rescued. The trio made a beautiful addition to their family.
Sadly, Poe passed away, leaving Finn and Penny to comfort one another. Finn, especially, became incredibly devoted to Penny. He looks to her for assurance, waits for her to get in the car, and even waits for her to go outside. The two dogs love doing everything together, and when they’re in the car, they snuggle up, truly appreciating what each other has to offer.
During the day, when their mom is working, Finn and Penny can often be found curled up together on the couch in the master bedroom. Penny, the more confident of the two, seems to act as a therapy dog for Finn, who may not have as much confidence. In return, Finn saves parts of his meals for Penny, who is food-driven. He patiently watches as she eats the rest of his food, completely content with the arrangement.
Finn, now 14 years old, and Penny, around 10 years old, have grown together. Penny, with her free-spirited nature, has become gentler with Finn as he ages. Finn, on the other hand, has become a dapper old man and his mom’s “superhero.” He has a unique talent for unwrapping his mom’s straws for her iced coffee, something he has done for years. Finn takes great pride in this skill, and his mom has no idea how he figured it out.
Despite his age, Finn remains a goofy and lovable companion. His bond with Penny is a testament to trust, as there’s likely no place he would rather be than with her. When Finn returns from therapy, the two dogs greet each other with wagging tails, showing how much they missed one other.
The bond between Finn and Penny is a beautiful example of why dogs are the gentle, loyal creatures we can’t get enough of. They often get one another through trying times through love and patience. To see Finn and Penny’s touching story, check out the video below.
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