The 8 Best Dog Nail Grinders For Tidy Toes At Home

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The best dog nail grinders can make trimming time much easier for pups who worry when the nail clippers come out. Rather than try to clip a dark nail on a wiggling and squirming dog, save your sanity and grind those pointy tips down with a fast and effective grinder. No more nipped quicks for your pup! Plus, having a nail grinder for dogs at home will save you money and time that would have otherwise been spent on a groomer. 
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And to save you even more time, we’ve filed through the choices on the market to find our favorites and compiled this list of the best dog nail grinders. Our handy buying guide will also point out what factors to consider and answer the FAQs about nail grinders for dogs.

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Buying Guides: How to Choose the Best Nail Grinder
When buying the best nail grinder for your dog, consider the following factors.
Size and Power
Large dogs with thick nails will need a more powerful grinder than small dogs with dainty and thin nails. Look for options that are made for your furry one’s size. Also, make sure the grinder you choose has a variety of speed settings so you can adjust the power based on your dog’s needs.
Safety Features
Look for grinders with safety features, such as a protective cover to prevent accidental injury to your dog’s nails or paws. These nail-guiding covers also help keep hair from winding into the grinder head. Grinders with LED lights can also help you see the nail better and avoid the quick.
Noise and Vibration
Dogs can be sensitive to noise and vibration, so it’s important to choose a quiet dog nail grinder that doesn’t vibrate excessively. Look for grinders with noise and vibration reduction features. Many favorite models have undergone recent upgrades to provide motors with less noise and vibration.
Grinding Wheel Material
The grinding wheel material is an important consideration. Diamond grinding wheels are the most durable and efficient, while sandpaper wheels are less expensive but wear out more quickly. Look for grinders with diamond grinding wheels for maximum durability, especially if your dog has thick nails.
Corded or Cordless
Consider whether you prefer a corded or cordless grinder. Cordless grinders offer more flexibility and convenience but may have less power and battery life. If your dog gets anxious during nail trims, consider a cordless model for easier movement.
Brand and Reviews
Research brands and read reviews to find a reputable and reliable nail grinder. Look for grinders with positive reviews from other dog parents and veterinarians. Many of our choices for the best dog nail grinders have high ratings from thousands of users.
Nail grinders come in a wide range of prices. Consider your budget and find a grinder that meets your needs and fits your budget. You’ll find plenty of dependable choices in both the affordable and premium arenas.
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The 8 Best Dog Nail Grinders in 2023

Dremel 7350-PET 4V Pet & Dog Nail Grinder – Best Budget-Friendly Dog Nail Grinder
ConairPRO Professional Nail Grinder – Best Ergonomic Design Dog Nail Grinder
Oster Gentle Paws Less Stress Nail Grinder – Best Versatile Dog Nail Grinder
oneisall Dog Nail Grinder – Best Rechargeable Professional Dog Nail Grinder
Petlibro Portable Rechargeable Nail Grinder – Best Portable Dog Nail Grinder
Wahl Ultimate Corded Pet Nail Grinder – Best Lightweight Dog Nail Grinder
Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded – Best Super Operation Dog Nail Grinder
Primens Dog Nail Grinder with LED Light – Best Dog Nail Grinder with LED Light

#1 – Dremel 7350-PET 4V Pet & Dog Nail Grinder
12,000 RPM for fast, effective grindingWireless design allows comfortable trimming in any position60-grit sanding drum comfortably grinds nails in minutesCompatible with a wide variety of Dremel sanding drumsImproved 4-Volt lithium battery with 30% more run timeChewyAmazon

Listed as 7% quieter than its 7300 model predecessor, this classic grooming tool emits low noise and vibration to help make nail trims easier on dogs. But with a speed of 12,000 RPM, the work will be done fast, and your dog will be enjoying a treat sooner than with other models. The improved battery offers a longer duration between charges, and the wireless design means you can maneuver the grinder without a cord getting in your way.

Cordless and easy to use
Comfortable and lightweight
Rechargeable with 1+ run time
Quieter option


May be too intense for cat nails or delicate dog nails

#2 – ConairPRO Professional Nail Grinder
Comes with 2 interchangeable finishing stonesProtective adjustable cover for safetyQuiet motor helps put nervous dogs at easeErgonomic design for easy gripAmazon

This plug-in nail grinder for dogs has a protective cover that keeps dust from flying everywhere and stops you from trimming your pup’s nails too short. And the long electric cord gives you the freedom to move if your dog is one that wiggles. The quiet motor helps reduce anxiety in your dog, and the lightweight design makes it easy to hold for precise filing. Its included sandpaper and stone attachments will help you get the right length and finish. When the heads wear down, you can purchase replacement tips.

Quiet operation
Lightweight design
Adjustable cover
Plugs in, no dead batteries


Not suitable for large dogs
Difficult to change heads

#3 – Oster Gentle Paws Less Stress Dog Nail Grinder
Operates with 4-AA batteriesSafety guard holds the nail in place & prevents hair windingPowerful 2-speed design that remains quietIncludes coarse stone, fine band, & 2 coarse bandsAmazon

If you’ve got a skittish, long-haired dog, this gentle nail grinder offers a fast, gentle, and stress-free way to trim their nails. The rotating head gently files while the plastic safety guard keeps you from cutting nails too short, giving you peace of mind that you won’t hurt your furry buddy. The guard also collects nail dust for less mess. And convenient cordless operation lets you use it anywhere while still being powerful enough to work on even the largest dogs’ nails.

Long-lasting grinding stone
More durable than an Emory head
Two-speed motor
No electrical cord to hassle with
Prevents accidental hair winding
Good for cats and dogs


Not as effective on smaller dogs

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#4 – oneisall Dog Nail Grinder
Features built-in LED light2 speeds design: 7000 RPM & 8000 RPMLow operating noise within 55dbUSB charging provides 3 hours of grindingSuitable for small dogs, cats, rabbits, & birdsAmazon

This best dog nail grinder has three attachment points for nails of different sizes, making it suitable for small dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds. The two-speed options allow you to choose the perfect rate for your pup’s nails. And USB charging takes three hours to obtain a full charge and provides three hours of grinding time.

Easy to use
Rechargeable nail grinder
Fits comfortably in the hands
Quiet and lightweight
Low vibration


Not for larger dogs

#5 – Petlibro Portable Rechargeable Nail Grinder
High-quality diamond tip grinder2-speed options and 3 port optionsLow noise, little vibration, & a protective coverCan be used for up to 7 hours on one full chargeAmazon

The Petlibro Portable Rechargeable Dog and Cat Nail grinder set is the best dog nail grinder for the money. The grinder features a premium diamond tip for precise, efficient filing and a smooth and safe grooming experience. Two grinding speeds and three port options adapt for different nail sizes. And because it’s low-noise and low vibration, this option is less likely to upset your dog. The kit includes a micro USB cable for charging with any DC 5V/1A device. The grinder can be used for up to 10 hours after charging.

Multiple speeds and ports
Rechargeable and portable grinder
Protective sleeve
Comes with a micro-USB cable for charging


May not be able to file thicker nails

#6 – Wahl Ultimate Corded Pet Nail Grinder
Extremely quiet for noise-sensitive dogsVariable speeds up to 13,000 RPMAutomatic safety stop to prevent accidental hair windingLightweight with a hanger hook for easy storageChewyAmazon

The Wahl Ultimate Corded Pet Nail Grinder is a professional quality nail file with variable speeds up to 13,000 RPM. Despite its power, the grinder is quiet and lightweight, relieving your dog’s stress during trimming. It also features an ergonomic design with finger grips to aid your comfort and control. This eleven-piece kit includes a professional corded nail filer, a large sanding drum with three sanding wheels, a small sanding drum with three sanding wheels, a power cord and charger, a wrench, a durable storage case, and an instruction booklet.

Quiet, lightweight nail grinder
Variable speeds
Perfect for dogs of all sizes
Ergonomic design with finger grips
Completely maintenance free
Long electrical cord



#7 – Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded
Whisper-quiet technologyLow vibration helps ease nervous dogsAdjustable low-high speed design3 ports for different-sized nails80k+ reviews on AmazonChewyAmazon

This cordless dog nail grinder has a built-in battery that lasts for 2 hours after a 3-hour charge and an adjustable low-to-high speed design that’s strong enough to support heavy grinding. With three ports suitable for small, medium, or large dogs, simply choose the appropriate settings depending on nail size and hardness. The upgraded superior motor makes very little noise and vibration while helping to complete the job in just minutes. This electric pet nail grinder is one of our favorites thanks to the advanced diamond bit grinder.

Strong motor
Comfortable handle
Rechargeable battery
Diamond drum bit supports heavy grinding
Affordably priced
Cute color choices


Might be better suited for smaller dogs or thin nails

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#8 – Primens Dog Nail Grinder with LED Light
2-speed switch: 8,000 RPM & 12,000 RPMLED light for easy viewingDiamond grinder head11-hour life after charging3 color choicesAmazon

If you need to shed some light on the nail trimming game, this rechargeable nail grinder for dogs is the answer to low light issues. With two speeds and a diamond grinding head, you can easily grind through the thickest nails. The upgraded motor also delivers a quieter experience with less vibration. A double-sided security cap can be switched for safe nail trimming for any claw type. And the dust cap captures nail debris for less mess.

USB port charging
LED light is amazing
Dual speeds
No cord to get tangled in


More expensive option

FAQs About the Best Dog Nail Grinders 
1. How do you know when to stop grinding a dog’s nail?
When grinding a dog’s nails, it’s important not to grind too much, as this can cause pain and bleeding. Here are some signs to look out for to know when to stop grinding a dog’s nail:

Look at the nail: When you grind the nail, you’ll see a small black dot appear in the center of the nail. This is the quick, which is the blood vessel and nerve that runs through the nail. Stop grinding when you see this dot, as you don’t want to cut into the quick.
Watch for signs of discomfort: Keep an eye on your dog’s body language while you’re grinding their nails. If they start to pull away or show signs of discomfort, this could be a sign that you’re grinding too much.
Check for bleeding: If you accidentally grind into the quick, you’ll see bleeding. If this happens, apply pressure with a clean cloth or tissue to stop the bleeding.
Be conservative: It’s always better to err on the side of caution and grind a little bit at a time rather than trying to grind the nail down too much all at once. This will help you avoid accidentally nicking the quick.

2. Are nail grinders safe?
Nail grinders designed specifically for dogs are generally safe when used properly. Grinding the nails is much safer than using traditional clippers, which can accidentally cut the quick. But it’s still important to use the nail grinder carefully and follow the instructions to avoid injuring your dog. And be aware some dogs may not tolerate the vibrating sensation, so it’s important to introduce it gradually while offering lots of praise and treats.
3. How do dog nail grinders work?
Dog nail grinders use a rotating grinding tool to gradually and safely file down the dog’s nails. The grinder can be adjusted to different speeds and comes with various grinding heads to suit different sizes of nails. It’s a convenient and safe alternative to using traditional clippers.
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Once you have chosen a nail grinder, it’s important to introduce it to your dog gradually and positively. Allow your dog to sniff and explore the grinder before using it on their nails. Start by using the grinder on a low speed and reward your dog with treats and praise. Be patient and take breaks if your dog becomes anxious or uncomfortable. With time and patience, your dog can become accustomed to having their nails ground, and you can keep their nails healthy and trimmed.
4. Is it better to cut or grind dog nails?
Both cutting and grinding dog nails are effective methods for keeping them at a manageable length. However, grinding is generally considered safer and more precise, as it helps avoid accidentally cutting the quick and can create a smoother finish.
5. What do I do if my dog’s nail starts to bleed?
If your dog’s nail starts to bleed while trimming or grinding, the first thing to do is to apply pressure to the area to stop the bleeding. You can use a clean cloth or tissue and press it gently against the nail. You can also use styptic powder or cornstarch to help stop the bleeding. Once the bleeding has stopped, keep an eye on the area and avoid any further activity that might cause the nail to bleed again. If the bleeding continues or your dog is in pain, contact your veterinarian for further guidance.
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6. What is the best grinder for dog nails?
The best grinder for dog nails is one that balances safety, ease of use, and effectiveness. Popular choices among pet owners and professional groomers include models with adjustable speed settings and safety guards to prevent over-grinding. Cordless, rechargeable grinders like those from Dremel and Casfuy are often recommended for their durability and the gentle experience they provide for dogs of various sizes.
7. What do groomers use to grind dogs’ nails?
Professional groomers typically use high-quality, durable nail grinders designed for frequent use. These grinders usually feature powerful motors, variable speed options, and multiple grinding heads to suit different nail sizes and hardness. Brands like Dremel and Andis are favorites in grooming salons, with a preference for quiet and smooth-operating models to keep dogs calm during nail grinding.
8. Is it better to grind or clip dogs’ nails?
The choice between grinding and clipping dogs’ nails depends on the dog’s temperament and the owner’s comfort. Grinding can be less stressful for dogs, as it gradually sands down the nail and reduces the chance of cutting into the quick. It’s ideal for dogs with anxiety or those who don’t tolerate clipping well. Clipping is quicker and suitable for dogs with thin nails, but it requires precision to avoid injury.
9. Which Dremel is good for dog nails?
The Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool is widely recommended for dog nails. It’s specifically designed for pet grooming with a cordless design, two-speed settings, and a range of sanding drum sizes to accommodate different nail thicknesses. Its quiet motor and gentle grinding action make it a popular choice among pet owners for both small and large dogs.
10. Are dog nail grinders worth it?
Dog nail grinders are worth it for many pet owners, especially for dogs that are nervous about nail clipping. Grinders offer a smoother, more controlled way to trim nails, reducing the risk of cutting into the quick and causing pain or bleeding. They are particularly beneficial for dogs with thick nails and can be a more comfortable experience for both the dog and the owner.
11. How often should you grind a dog’s nails?
The frequency of grinding a dog’s nails depends on the dog’s activity level and nail growth rate. Generally, it’s recommended to grind nails every 3-4 weeks. Regular maintenance is important to keep the nails at a comfortable length and to prevent issues related to overgrown nails, such as pain or difficulty walking.
12. Do nail grinders work for large dogs?
Yes, nail grinders can work very well for large dogs. For larger breeds with thicker nails, it’s important to choose a grinder with a powerful motor and suitable grinding bits. Grinders offer a gentle and effective way to maintain the nail length of large dogs, especially those who might be apprehensive about nail clipping.
13. What is the best large dog nail grinder?
The best large dog nail grinder is one with a strong motor and durable grinding heads. Models like the Dremel 7300-PT or the Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder are often recommended for their power and effectiveness on thick nails. These grinders allow for careful control of the nail length and are designed to handle the nail density of larger breeds.
14. What nail grinders do groomers use?
Groomers often use professional-grade nail grinders like Dremel, Andis, or Wahl brands. These grinders are chosen for their durability, power, and the ability to handle a high volume of grooming sessions. They typically feature variable speeds, interchangeable grinding heads, and are designed for precision and comfort.
15. What is the best way to cut a big dog’s nails?
The best way to cut a big dog’s nails is to use either a specially designed large nail clipper or a powerful nail grinder. When using clippers, it’s important to choose a tool that is sharp and strong enough to cut through thick nails cleanly. For those who prefer grinders, selecting a model with a strong motor and suitable grinding heads is crucial. Whichever method is chosen, it should be done gently and patiently, ensuring the dog’s comfort throughout the process.

Final Thoughts on Dog Nail Grinders
Grinding your dog’s nails can help wear down the stress they feel over getting their nails trimmed. And any of the choices above will help you get the job done while saving your dog’s nerves. With helpful features like extended battery life, various speeds, and multiple grinding heads, you’ll find the perfect choice to give your pup a pawdicure they’ll love!
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