Woman Gives Dog With ‘Luscious Locks’ A New Hairstyle Everyday

Milo, a dog with a stunningly beautiful coat, has become an internet sensation due to his owner’s incredible hairstyling skills. From Dutch braids to French braids, bubble braids to dragon braids, space buns to concert hairstyles, and even heatless curls, Milo’s mom has done it all—the result: a stylish dog that turns heads wherever he goes. Milo’s mom first noticed that her pup’s hair was getting long around the six-month mark. Unsure of how to groom him, she let his hair grow out, eventually resembling a big pompadour. As it continued to grow, Milo’s hair became spiky, giving him a rocker look. It was then that she decided to experiment with different hairstyles.
It wasn’t long before Milo began to enjoy the grooming process. When his mom starts getting ready, Milo watches her intently, wagging his tail and trying to jump on the counter. Once he’s placed on the counter, he sits patiently, waiting for his hair to be styled. Milo’s mom says she can tell he enjoys it because he often falls asleep while being brushed.
To keep Milo’s hair looking its best, his mom uses shampoo, conditioner, and coconut oil to make it shiny. She even blow-dries it, as his thick coat doesn’t dry easily on its own. Milo’s grooming routine doesn’t stop at his hair, though. His mom also brushes his teeth, wipes his paws, and applies lotion to keep them soft.
Milo’s bedtime routine is just as luxurious. His mom takes off any hair accessories, massages his head, and tucks him in for the night. She believes that if she’s going to have a pet, she should treat it like her baby, as pets don’t get to live as long as humans. So, she chooses to spend quality time with Milo, creating lasting memories together.
Despite the time and effort she puts into grooming Milo, his mom has faced some criticism from people who say she must not have kids if she’s spending so much time on her dog. However, she remains undeterred and continues to treat Milo like the special pup he is. To meet Milo and see his fabulous hairstyles, click ‘play’ on the video below.
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