Handsome Dad ‘Accidentally Falls In Love’ With Foster Puppies He Can’t Keep

Dana and Steven, a couple from a suburb of Chicago, found themselves with extra time on their hands when Dana, seven and a half months pregnant, stopped working. Their daughter was feeling lonely due to the pandemic and missing her friends and grandparents, so the couple decided to foster two seven-week-old puppies, Hansel and Gretel. The puppies brought joy and excitement to the family, helping their daughter cope with her loneliness.
Steven was particularly attentive to the puppies, and the family quickly fell in love with them. The puppies provided much-needed and craved social interaction for their daughter. However, the puppies also brought some challenges, such as waking the family up at midnight and chewing on their socks.
As the puppies grew, the family gave them more room to run around. The family knew they would eventually have to say goodbye to the puppies, as they were only fostering them. However, they couldn’t help but feel attached to the adorable pups.
The day finally came when Hansel was adopted by a wonderful family. Although it was difficult for Dana, Steven, and their daughter to say goodbye, they knew Hansel would have a great life with his new family, complete with two doggy siblings and loving parents. The family plans to arrange playdates so Hansel and Gretel can still see each other.
In the end, fostering the puppies proved to be a rewarding experience for Dana, Steven, and their daughter. The puppies brought happiness and companionship to the family during a challenging time. Steven wasn’t expecting to fall deeply in love with Hansel and Gretel, but once he did, he knew they’d be in his heart forever.
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