7 Best Ear Cleaners for Yorkies

Yorkshire Terriers, affectionately known as Yorkies, boast of a diminutive size but require significant grooming attention, particularly regarding their ears. These small companions often face ear infections due to wax buildup and hair growth within the ear canal. The article “7 Best Ear Cleaners for Yorkie” is a tailored guide, meticulously designed to assist Yorkie owners in navigating through the best products in the market. With our recommended selections of ear cleaners, ensure a safe, comfortable, and efficient ear-cleaning routine that caters specifically to the sensitive ears of your cherished Yorkie.

#1 – Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleanser for Dogs & Cats, 8 oz
The Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleanser is an 8 oz solution designed for the routine cleaning of sensitive ears in both dogs and cats. It effectively removes debris and excessive wax while drying the ear canal. It is particularly recommended for pets with chronic otitis externa, as it has a low pH and won’t interfere with other ear preparations.

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#2 – Pet MD – Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes – Otic Cleanser for Dogs to Stop Ear Itching, and Infections with Aloe and Eucalyptus – 100 Count
Pet MD Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes are designed to gently clean and deodorize your dog’s ears, while also preventing infections and reducing wax build-up. The wipes are alcohol-free, soothing, and safe for regular use, making them convenient and non-irritating. With 100 wipes in each pack, these disposable ear wipes provide a gentle and effective solution to keep your dog’s ears clean and healthy. Manufactured in the USA in federally regulated facilities, Pet MD prioritizes quality and safety.

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#3 – Nutri-Vet Ear Cleanse for Dogs – Ear Cleaner & Deodorizer – 8 oz
Nutri-Vet Ear Cleanse for Dogs is a gentle ear cleaner and deodorizer that helps remove wax, dirt, and other buildup from a dog’s ears. It also provides relief from itching caused by various conditions, such as eczema, fungal infections, insect bites, fleas, and contact dermatitis. Formulated by veterinarians, Nutri-Vet products are made in the USA with premium globally sourced ingredients and meet the highest standards of quality and consistency.

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#4 – Zymox Ear Cleanser Solution for Dogs and Cats, 4oz
The Zymox Ear Cleanser Solution is a cat and dog ear cleaner that effectively and gently cleans non-infected ears in pets of all ages. It is a non-toxic and non-irritating solution that is recommended by veterinarians. The solution contains the patented LP3 Enzyme System to help maintain healthy and fresh-smelling ears. It is made in the USA in a federally regulated manufacturing facility and is cruelty-free.

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#5 – Curaseb Cat & Dog Ear Infection Treatment Wipes – Treats Infected Ears, Inflammation & Itchiness – Cleans & Deodorizes – 100 Wipes
The Curaseb Cat & Dog Ear Infection Treatment Wipes are designed to treat infected ears, reduce inflammation and itchiness, as well as clean and deodorize the affected area. They are effective in treating sticky discharge, foreign visitors, and unpleasant odors associated with wax, dirt, and accumulated biofilms. These wipes are recommended to be used in conjunction with Curaseb Ear Flush for active ear infections within the ear canal and are made with a no-sting vet-strength formula. The product is manufactured in the USA.

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#6 – PetLab Co. – Clear Ears Therapy Ear Cleaner for Dogs – Supporting Yeast, Itchy Ears & Healthy Ear Canals – Alcohol-Free Dog Ear Wash – Optimized Dog Ear Cleaner Solution – Packaging May Vary
PetLab Co. Clear Ears Therapy Ear Cleaner for Dogs is a powerful and alcohol-free dog ear wash that effectively cleans and rinses your dog’s ear canal, helping with itchy ears and head shaking. The formula promotes good dog ear hygiene and is made with high-quality ingredients to ensure the health and happiness of your pet. It is easy to use and can be applied twice a day or on a weekly basis, providing quick and effective results.

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#7 – Vet’s Best Ear Relief Wash Cleaner for Dogs, 16 oz Refill
The Vet’s Best Ear Relief Wash Cleaner for Dogs is a product that provides immediate relief for dogs with raw, itchy, smelly, or greasy ears. Its natural ingredients, such as witch hazel, chamomile, aloe vera, clove oil, and tea tree oil, help control unpleasant odors and itching. It can be used daily or as needed to clean ears and control wax build-up and is part of a complete treatment system for dog ear care.

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How Often Should I Clean My Yorkie‘s Ears & How Should I Clean Them?

Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies) are renowned for their vibrant personalities and luxurious coats. These small but spirited dogs require special attention to ear care due to their susceptibility to ear issues, often exacerbated by allergies.
Cleaning Frequency of Yorkie Ears:
For most Yorkies, a weekly ear check and cleaning every two to three weeks should suffice. However, if your Yorkie has allergies or seems prone to ear infections, you might need to clean their ears more frequently.
Cleaning Procedure for Your Yorkie Ears:

Gather Supplies:

Dog-approved ear-cleaning solution
Cotton balls or pads
Tweezers (if necessary, for hair removal)

Create Comfort: Ensure your Yorkie is calm and comfortable. Initiating the process in a quiet space can reduce stress for your pet.
Inspect Ears: Check for signs of infections like redness, swelling, or an unpleasant smell. If observed, consult your vet before proceeding.
Remove Excess Hair: Yorkies often have hair growing in their ear canals. Carefully remove visible hair using tweezers or your fingers (wearing gloves).
Apply Cleaning Solution: Pour the cleaning solution into the ear without inserting the applicator deeply.
Massage Base: Gently massage the ear’s base to distribute the solution, aiding in breaking down debris.
Clean & Wipe: Using cotton balls, wipe away the loosened debris and solution. Never insert anything deep into the ear canal.
Allow Shaking: Your Yorkie will likely shake its head, facilitating the removal of deeper debris.
Offer Rewards: Providing treats post-cleaning can make the experience positive for your dog.

Allergies and Ear Cleaning for Your Yorkie:
Allergies can lead to increased sensitivity and susceptibility to ear issues in Yorkies.

Increased Frequency: If your Yorkie has allergies, you might need to increase the frequency of ear cleanings to prevent infections and discomfort.
Hypoallergenic Products: Use hypoallergenic cleaning solutions designed for sensitive ears to avoid irritation.
Regular Vet Visits: For Yorkies with allergies, regular veterinary consultations are crucial to monitor ear health and adjust the care routine as necessary.

Additional Tips:

Avoid Water: Prevent water from entering the ears during baths, and ensure ears are thoroughly dried afterward.
Cotton Swabs Warning: Never use cotton swabs in the ear canal as they might push debris further in or damage the eardrum.
Professional Advice: If uncertain about ear cleaning or facing persistent ear issues, consider professional grooming services or veterinary consultation.

Proactive and regular ear cleaning is an essential component of grooming and caring for your Yorkshire Terrier’s overall health. Paying attention to their ears, especially if they have allergies, is crucial in preventing infections and ensuring their comfort. With consistent and gentle care using appropriate products, you can efficiently maintain your Yorkie’s ear health, contributing positively to their well-being and quality of life. Always consult with your veterinarian for personalized advice and recommendations tailored to your Yorkie’s specific health profile and needs.
Frequently Asked Questions About Ear Cleaning for Yorkies 

How often should I clean my Yorkie’s ears? Conduct weekly ear inspections and clean the ears every two to three weeks or as necessary. Yorkies prone to ear infections or with allergies may require more frequent cleaning, so always follow your veterinarian’s advice.
What are the signs of ear infections in Yorkies? Watch for redness, swelling, foul odor, excessive wax, or unusual discharge. If your Yorkie seems to scratch its ears or shake its head frequently, these might be signs of ear issues requiring prompt veterinary attention.
Can I use human ear cleaning products on my Yorkie? Avoid using human ear cleaners, as they might contain harmful or irritating ingredients for dogs. Always select vet-recommended, dog-specific ear-cleaning products.
What type of ear-cleaning solution is best for Yorkies? Choose a gentle, yet effective, veterinarian-approved ear cleaning solution. If your Yorkie has allergies or sensitive skin, consider hypoallergenic ear cleaners.
How can I make ear cleaning a positive experience for my Yorkie? Create a calm environment, be gentle, and use treats or positive reinforcement to reward your pet. Consistent routines can also help your Yorkie become accustomed to ear cleaning, making it a smoother process for both of you.
How do allergies affect my Yorkie’s ear health? Allergies can increase your Yorkie’s susceptibility to ear infections and may require more frequent ear cleanings with hypoallergenic products. Consult your veterinarian for personalized care recommendations.
Is it safe to use Q-tips for cleaning my Yorkie’s ears? Avoid Q-tips as they may push debris further into the ear canal and risk damaging the eardrum. Instead, use cotton balls or pads for safe and gentle cleaning.
How should I remove hair from my Yorkie’s ears? Carefully pluck visible hair from the ear canal using tweezers or your fingers, but avoid going too deep. If you’re unsure or uncomfortable doing this, seek professional grooming assistance.
How can I dry my Yorkie’s ears after cleaning? Allow your Yorkie to shake its head naturally, and gently wipe away any remaining moisture with a dry, clean cloth or cotton pad.
Should I seek professional help for my Yorkie’s ear cleaning? If you’re uncertain about the cleaning process, or if your Yorkie resists ear cleaning, consider consulting a professional groomer or veterinarian for assistance, advice, and potential training tips.

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