Helpless Dog Roaming The Streets Covered In Wounds Needs Life-Saving Donations

A sweet, innocent dog named Shaggy suffered unthinkable cruelty early in his life. His owners kept him chained up so often that his collar became embedded into his neck, causing severe pain. They also physically abused him, causing injuries all over his body. The poor pup thought his life would end there, but the family eventually released him out of convenience, giving him a chance to find help.
Rescuers found Shaggy roaming the streets alone with a trail of blood behind him because of his neck wound. His body was severely emaciated and covered in fleas and ticks. House of Strays in Spring Hill, TN, took him into their care to help him heal. This sweet pup likely never had a nutritious meal or clean water before arriving at the rescue.

Shaggy’s Second Chance at Life
Shaggy was rushed to a medical facility so a vet could examine his injuries. While he was there, he tested positive for a severe blood infection and filariasis, a heartworm infection. He’s now taking antibiotics, multivitamins, and medication to help with it, but he has a long road to recovery ahead of him.
House of Strays is seeking both monetary and item donations to help with Shaggy’s treatment. He’s already starting to look and feel better now that he’s in a loving environment, but he will need to continue his antibiotic treatment until he beats the infection. He will also need to go through a serious operation to fix the massive wound on his neck. It will be a challenging procedure, but he’s in good hands.

CUDDLY, a platform that raises money for rescues and shelters, has set up a fundraiser for Shaggy. Through the fundraiser, the rescue hopes to gather everything they need to keep Shaggy comfortable while providing his medical needs.
The Rescue Needs Your Help
CUDDLY’s mission is to save as many animals as possible and help them get adopted. However, they need your help to support dogs like Shaggy. Every donation, no matter how small, can make an impact for animals in need.

Help give Shaggy a better life by checking out his fundraiser on CUDDLY. Even if you’re unable to donate, sharing his story with others can make a difference. After Shaggy beats his infection and his neck wound heals, he’ll be able to find a forever family to care for him. Once he’s adopted into a loving home, he’ll never have to worry about being hurt or abandoned again.
You can visit CUDDLY’s platform to donate to a variety of animals in need. If you’re unsure of which animal to help, you can sign up for the CUDDLY Club, which allows supporters to make an ongoing difference by donating monthly.
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