22 Best Dog ID Tags On The Market

While the reason we put ID tags on our dogs isn’t one we want to dwell on, it’s part of being a responsible paw parent. Quite simply, you have to be prepared in the event your dog escapes or wanders away. It may never happen, but if it does, having a microchip and adding a quality dog ID tag with your up-to-date information to your furry friend’s collar can make all the difference.
Even with microchips, your dog’s first line of defense is an ID tag. After all, there are non-pet people out there that don’t know to take a dog somewhere to have their microchip scanned. But ID tags are easy. Your only problem is going to be choosing just one. And just because a collar tag is something you do to be prepared doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun and show your and your pup’s personality. But with so many cute options, how do you decide which one will be the best dog ID tag for your furry one? Before we get to our list, though, here are some tips for choosing the right one for your pup!

Tips for Choosing the Best Dog ID Tag For Your Needs
What Information Should Be Included on Your Dog’s ID Tag
Obviously, you’ll include your dog’s name and your phone number on the ID tag. But if you really want to be reachable in the event your dog goes missing, you should include your cell phone number and home address. If your dog has a microchip, have it listed on the tag too. Be sure the tag you choose allows enough room for all the info you’d like to include.
Your Dog’s Lifestyle
When choosing the best dog ID tag for your pup, choose a material that matches their lifestyle. If you’ve got a dog who loves the outdoor life or rough-and-tumble fun, then be sure to select materials that can stand up to activity. Stainless steel and aluminum are always great options, but silicone tags offer durability too. Tags with sparkly stones or made from plastics do better with dogs that enjoy a calmer lifestyle.
Do You Mind a Jingle?
One of the bonuses of metal dog tags that jingle and clank is always knowing where your pup can be found in the house and the yard. But for some dog parents, the jingling and jangling are enough to drive them to distraction. If you’re one who prefers dogs who move in silence, then be sure you seek out dog tags that promise no sound. Silicone dog ID tags are an excellent choice for quietness and durability. And with their increasing popularity, you can find a wide selection of these flexible tags on Amazon. We’ve listed a couple in our list for your consideration.

Simplicity or Some Fun
The nice thing about unadorned tags is their readability. No frills mean information can’t be missed because that’s all there is. But, if you want, you can find a dog ID tag with just about any design you’d like. Whether it’s florals, celestials, your favorite team, or even your favorite movie, there’s no wrong dog tag! So, have fun and show some flair with your pup’s necessary accessory.
Check Your Dog’s Tag Every So Often
Be sure to check your dog’s ID tag every couple of months to be sure the tag is still firmly secured. Also, make sure information is still readable, as some engraving techniques rub away over time. Look for deep engraving to ensure this doesn’t happen.
Now, here are 21 of the best dog ID tags to help you narrow your search. Which one looks like the best option for your furry friend?
The 22 Best Dog ID Tags For Your Furry Friend
#1 – Spark Paws Initial Letter Jewelry Tag

The Spark Paws Initial Letter Jewelry Tag for dogs is a brilliant fusion of style and personalization. Each tag, showcasing an elegant letter design, offers a unique way to represent your pup’s name or nickname. Crafted with high-quality brass alloy plated in 18k gold and Cubic Zirconia, the tag gleams with a luxe shine, ensuring it doesn’t go unnoticed. Its durability is commendable, standing up to the day-to-day adventures of active pets. This jewelry tag isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a statement of love and pride for your furry friend. For those seeking a balance between functionality and chic design, this tag stands out.

Durable for everyday wear
No sharp edges, safe & comfortable for everyday use
Lightweight & durable brass alloy construction
18k gold plating, buffed to a brilliant luster
AAA+ Cubic Zirconia diamonds
Split rings included, can be attached to any dog collar


Potential for snagging if not secured well
Might be slightly pricier than basic tags

#2 – Ultra Joys Stainless Steel Pet ID Tag

Made of durable and abrasion-resistant stainless steel with a highly polished finish, these pretty dog ID tags offer multiple sizes and dainty design choices made in a stylish back and white. Amid the design on the front is space for your dog’s name, and with the choice of multiple font styles, you can truly personalize it to match your pup’s personality. Choose from small or large to fit your dog’s size, and then customize the back with your contact details.

Several designs and fonts to choose from
Easy-to-read text that doesn’t fade
Sturdy stainless steel that stands up to active dogs
Good value
Customized in California


Not suitable for sporting dogs


#3 – Providence Engraving Pet ID Tags

Nearing forty-thousand reviews with an average of four and a half stars, this anodized aluminum dog tag makes our list of best dog ID tags thanks to its popularity, choices in tag shape and color, and highly affordable price. Plus, with size options of small and large, it’s a perfect fit for tiny breeds or big dogs! Each tag style offers room for up to four lines of text, so you can personalize it with whatever information you’d like.

Wildly popular option with high ratings
Several shape and color choices
Precise CO2 laser engraving for maximum readability
Buyers love the durability
So affordable


May be too small for large dogs


#4 – Red Dingo Glitter Paw Print Dog ID Tag

Who doesn’t love sparkly glitter? Not only fun, but the glitter also makes this solid stainless steel dog tag even more eye-catching. If your pup gets lost, you can bet some good soul will spot this pretty ID tag right away and give you a ring. And with six choices in color, you can choose your dog’s favorite color. Plus, with Red Dingo, you get free personalized engraving that’s guaranteed readable for the life of the tag.

Six color choices
Thick and sturdy stainless-steel design
Won’t scratch
Large, easy-to-read type


Some customers report color difference from what’s shown


#5 – GoTags Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags

Tough stainless steel that won’t wear thin, your dog can throw their worst at this dog id tag, and it will keep on shining! Choose from nine different tag shapes and include up to 4 lines of text on each side. The laser engraving is precise, permanent, and attractive on a polished mirror-finish surface.

Popular choice with high ratings
Solid, polished stainless steel
2-sided engraving
Up to eight lines of text
Easily cleaned


Size may be too small for large dogs
Some customers report letters can rub off

#6 – GoTags NCAA Sports Team Dog Tags

For the college football fans and their humans, here’s a dog ID tag with spirit! Show your school pride with a solid brass tag coated in a logoed design and cured using ultra-violet light for long-lasting durability. Plus, personalize it with up to 4 lines of custom-engraved text. And if it’s MLB or NBA that gets your pup’s paws moving, GoTags has you covered too.

Choose your team and show your spirit via your dog
Solid brass construction with UV-cured ink logo
Up to 4 lines of personalization
Made and shipped in the USA


Easily scratched
Some buyers reported fading

#7 – LYP Original Soundless Pet ID Tag

Kick jingling tags to the curb with silicone! These quiet tags make our list of the best dog ID tags on the market, thanks to their serene silence. Plus, they’re pretty cute too! These ID tags are crafted from non-toxic, eco-friendly, food-grade silicone and can be easily cleaned. Just choose your design and customize it!

No jingling metal
Non-toxic, eco-friendly, food-grade silicone
Bright and bold designs
Deep engraving on both front and back sides


Some buyers report breakage of silicone collar ring

#8 – MYLUCKYTAG Personalized QR Code ID Tags

Trust in tech to help your dog find their way home with a dog ID tag that features a QR code. Store multiple emergency contacts, so anyone who finds your pup has several ways to get in touch. It’s not a GPS tracker, but if someone scans the QR code, it sends your dog’s GPS location to your email. You can view the scanned location on Google Maps too. And this premium service is free!

Simple QR scan reveals your dog’s identity and your contact info
Sends you an email when QR code is scanned
Also contains text information on tag front
Made of non-toxic zinc alloy for durability
Easy setup


Slow shipping
Some faulty GPS accuracy reported


#9 – GoTags Camo Personalized Dog ID Tag

GoTags makes the list of best dog ID tags again with their camouflage bone option. In regular, blue, and pink color choices, these quality tags are inlaid with an enamel design over solid stainless steel, which means no rusting or corroding. Available in small and large with up to four lines of text.

Polished solid stainless steel with enamel inlay for durability
Three camo color options
Up to 4 lines of personalized text
Clear and bold text is easy to read


On the small side
Shipping can be slow


#10 – The Pet ID Jingle Free Peace of Mind Dog Tag

Again it’s a win for the jingle free with these tags that simply slip onto your dog’s favorite collar. Low profile, laser engraved, and corrosion proof, this snag-free tag will stay with your dog no matter what they get into. And to make them even better, they’re engraved and assembled right here in the US in Kentucky.

No dangling tag means no jingling
Clean, straightforward design with easy-to-read text
Multiple sizes for various collar styles
Made and assembled in the USA


Loops can be too small to fit over some collar buckles
Bands stretch over time
Easily scratched

#11 – St. Francis of Assisi Pet Tag

Protect your pup with the power of prayer and the patron saint of animals. Hang one of these medallions on your dog’s collar and thank St. Francis for watching over your furry love. Add it to any of the personalized dog ID tags on this best-of list and create a combination of tags that protects and informs.

Protect your pet with saintly love
Multi-pack means you can put one on all your pets
You can share them with friends too
Good size for collars


No option for personalizing

#12 – SiliDog – The Original Silicone Silent Pet Tag

As seen on Shark Tank, this is the original silicone tag, and it’s no wonder it makes our list of the best dog ID tags. It doesn’t jingle, never fades, and even glows in the dark! Choose from several colors and even an American flag pattern. This is their bone shaped-option, but other cute shapes, like a heart and even a goldfish, are also available.

Silicone tag means no metal to jingle
Secure clasp design
Glows in the dark
No fading or chipping
Variety of cute shapes and colors


Some customers report breakage by active dogs
May not last as long as metal tag options

#13 – Red Dingo Evil Eye Stainless Steel Dog ID Tag

Chase away the bad vibes with an evil eye talisman that holds your contact information on the backside so your pup can always find their way safely home. Made of stainless steel with three options in size, your dog will find the right fit, whether they’re small, medium, or large. Plus, Red Dingo offers free personalized engraving that’s guaranteed readable for the life of the tag.

Protects your pup with an ancient symbol that wards off evil
Solid stainless steel for durability
Polished finish for high style
Choose the right size for your dog


Engraving only, no black depth for easier reading

#14 – PUP Custom Pet Driver’s License ID Tag

If you’re looking for some fun with your dog’s ID tag, get them one of these silly driver’s license tags. While your furry one can’t drive with it, this sure gives them a license for cuteness! Made of durable and lasting aluminum, you can customize it with your pup’s info and even choose your state.

Fun and cute design
Personalize it with all your dog’s stats
Choose from any of the 50 states
Durable aluminum stands up to rough play


Slow shipping
Small size

#15 – LuckyPet Slide-On Pet ID Tag

Simple and quiet, these stainless-steel dog ID tags offer custom engraving that’s easy to read and won’t rub away. Their curved design makes it easy to slip one on your pup’s collar to keep your information securely with them wherever they roam. And with two different options for the tag’s ends, you can use it with any style collar. Just be sure to read Lucky Pup’s instructions on how to choose which option works for you.

Clean and polished for a lowkey look
Curved design follows the natural bend of a collar
Choose the size that fits your dog’s collar
High-contrast engraving for easy reading


Only works with easily flexed
Closed-end option can be difficult to put on
Can be ill-fitting on small dogs and puppies


#16 – Not All Those Who Wander are Lost…But I Am Stainless Steel Pet Tags

Cute, clever, and customized, this tag makes our list of the best dog ID tags thanks to its fun wordplay and durability. It’s crafted from stainless steel and small in size so as not to bother your pup when hanging on a collar. And it arrives in a pretty little velvet bag, so your dog will think they’ve received an elegant piece of jewelry made just for them!

A fun spin on a famous phrase
Small and lightweight
Polished stainless steel that won’t rust or discolor


No personalization


#17 – TedYoho Paw Shape Custom Glitter Pet ID Tags

We have to go back to the glitter for a second. And you’re probably thinking, there’s already a glitter tag with a pawprint on this best dog ID tag list. But wait, this is actually a paw-shaped tag with lots of glitter enameled onto the gold-plated stainless steel. So cute, right? Eight color choices mean your pup can choose their favorite shade of sparkly. Plus, laser engraving makes customized info easy to read.

Glitter fun in 8 color choices
Brass-plated stainless steel for durability
Solid and thick for everyday wear and tear
Bold and clear font


Easily scratched
Several buyers report errors in customization


#18 – Yippo Custom Engraved Heart Rhinestones Pet Jewelry

Let’s stick with sparkly dog ID tags for a second and just appreciate the bling on this tag! If you’ve got a dog diva on your hands, this is the option for them. Made with polished gold-plated metal and set with cubic zirconia rhinestones, this personalized dog ID tag is perfect for parties, photo shoots, or special days. And obviously, your pampered pooch will love it too!

Cute for special occasions
Sparkly rhinestones for fancy fun
Highly polished for a jewelry-like appearance
Made in the USA and includes a gift box


Not for everyday wear
Not recommended for active dogs
Heavy for small dogs


#19 – PetANTastic Engraved Personalized Service Dog

If your pup works hard helping you through the day, you need them to come home right away if you get separated. When someone sees this service dog ID tag on your furry friend, they’ll know to contact you immediately. It’s made of high-quality stainless steel and includes up to 4 lines of customized text.

Highly visible medical alert symbol and lettering
Up to 4 lines of lettering
100% solid stainless steel for ultimate durability
No rusting or bending
Made in the USA


Small size for larger dogs
Some buyers reported flaking of red paint

#20 – Personalized Openwork Engraved Dog ID Tag

Talk about a cool dog ID tag; this heavy-duty option stands up to rowdy pups and their action-packed lives and sports openwork engraving with your phone number and a dog silhouette. Plus, deep engraving of your dog’s name ensures it will never wear away. And made from 316-grade stainless steel, you’ll never have to worry about this tag oxidizing, rusting, or discoloring. It even stands up to saltwater!

Unique design makes tag stand out
316-grade stainless steel that stands up to busy dogs
No oxidizing, rusting, or discoloring
Three sizes available


Slow shipping
Kind of pricey

#21 – Wag-A-Tude Tags The Force is Strong with This One Pet Tag

May the Force be with your dog always, especially if they get lost! Available in small and large, pups of all sizes can sport this Star Wars dog ID tag. Because it’s made from aluminum and automotive-grade resin, your dog’s adventures will leave it untouched. And any fellow Jedi who sees your furry padawan with this fun dog tag will appreciate your taste in franchises.

Show your love for a galaxy far, far away
Made from tough aluminum and automotive-grade resin
Easy to clean
Up to 5 lines of personalized text
Available in small and large


Slow shipping

#22 – Big Jerk Custom Products Ltd. Dog ID Tag

Last but certainly not least, this simple option makes the list of best dog ID tags because it bears a message that’s the ultimate truth if your dog goes missing! Made of brushed metal with a funny but totally true statement, you can customize the color and choose your size with this personalized dog tag. And if you’re a Harry Potter fan, check out Big Jerk’s “I Solemnly Swear That I Am up to No Good” dog tag for another funny option that celebrates your love of all of things HP.

Fun statement adds a personal touch
Up to 4 lines of personalized text on the back
Choose tag and text color
More designs available


Thin design
Some customers report fading text

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Hopefully, our list of the best dog ID tags helped you find just the right tag for your pup! But even if your dog’s Cinderella slipper of dog tags is still out there, then maybe the list brought your some ideas. Either way, happy shopping!
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