8 Best Dog Car Seat Beds For A Comfortable Trip

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Dog car seats and dog car beds are great products for helping your dog stay comfortable during travel. Many dogs get anxious during car rides, but those worries may be less extreme if they have a cozy and familiar spot to rest. Plus, many car seats for dogs have safety features to ensure your dog stays secure even in the event of an accident.
We’ve compiled a list of the best dog car seats to help you provide your pup with their own space in your vehicle. Hopefully, your furry friend will find car rides more enjoyable with one of these special products.

Buyer’s Guide: Dog Car Seats
There are plenty of dog beds and car seats to help with travel, but not all of them offer the same benefits. Here are some things to look for when choosing a dog car seat.
The product should be sized properly to comfortably fit your dog while still being small enough to keep them secure. Look at the dimensions to make sure there’s enough space for your pup. If the car seat is elevated, it may also have a weight capacity.
Safety Features
First, make sure the car seat can safely attach to your car. Most can be secured in place using the car’s seats or seat belts. Then, you should also look for features that secure your dog in the car seat, such as a strap that can attach to their harness, acting as a dog seat belt.
Comfort is crucial, especially for dogs who get nervous during car rides. Look for products that have a soft fabric and are cushioned. That way, your dog can safely sleep, and they won’t get hurt if you take a sharp turn.
Make sure the product is quick and easy to install in your car. Some may only work for certain vehicle types, so check the product description to make sure it’ll fit.
If you frequently switch cars or travel, consider a lightweight and portable model. Some seats can also double as a pet carrier, making them easy to transport even with your pet inside.
The best dog car beds are made of high-quality, durable materials that can withstand wear and tear. Look for ones with removable and machine-washable covers for ease of cleaning.

Best Dog Car Seat Beds
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The K&H Pet Products Bucket Booster Dog Car Seat offers maximum safety and comfort for small to medium-sized dogs. This cozy dog car bed has plush raised edges on all sides to cushion your pup during sharp turns. Inside the bed, there are two attached leashes that can clip to your dogs’ harnesses to act as seat belts. Thus, you can fit two dogs in the same car seat if they’re small enough. Plus, the seat has a soft, quilted cover that’s also removable and machine-washable for easy cleaning. This car seat buckles in to stay in place while on the go, and it’s suitable for most car models.
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The Snoozer Lookout Pet Car Seat may feel like a cozy little cloud for your dog. The interior features a cozy sherpa lining that provides warmth and comfort, while the foam form contributes to a snug fit for your pet. Plus, the raised edges offer protective walls for your pup. The fabric cover also zips off for easy cleaning. Even though this car seat comes with an attached seat belt, your pup will be able to look out the windows, allowing them to enjoy the ride and feel less anxious. It comes in either a small or medium size, and there’s a wide range of color options so you can customize it to fit your pet’s needs.
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The PetSafe Happy Ride Quilted Booster Seat combines comfort and safety for pet travel. Designed primarily for small to medium-sized dogs, this booster seat promises a comfortable journey for your furry friend, thanks to its luxurious quilted microsuede liner. It has an elevated design so your dog can easily look out the window, reducing the risk of motion sickness or travel anxiety. It comes in three sizes, with the largest supporting dogs up to 25 pounds. Plus, it has an internal harness system to keep your dog secure when traveling. It can easily be installed in any vehicle that has headrests on the seats using the two adjustable straps.
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The Devoted Doggy Deluxe Dog Car Seat keeps small to medium-sized pets secure and comfortable during car journeys. One of its standout features is its robust metal frame, ensuring stability and reducing the chances of the seat collapsing. The plush lining inside offers a cozy space for dogs, and the exterior is waterproof. For added safety, the seat comes with a leash clip that can attach to your pet’s harness to keep them secure. Also, its elevated design offers pets a panoramic view of their surroundings, significantly reducing travel-induced anxiety. For added convenience, it’s easy to install and comes with a zippered storage pocket.
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The BLOBLO Dog Car Seat Pet Booster is a booster seat that provides a snug and secure space for pets on the go. It’s ideal for small and medium pets. The car bed has thick cushioning that surrounds your dog, keeping them cozy and safe, even on bumpy roads. Inside the bed, there’s a leash attachment to keep your pup secure in place and reduce the risk of injuries. It has large storage pockets on both sides so you can easily store your dog’s necessities. This car dog bed is machine-washable and the mat inside is removable, so it’s easy to clean and maintain.
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The Kurgo Booster Dog Car Seat provides a safe, elevated perch for smaller dogs. They can enjoy the scenery while feeling secure, thanks to the bed’s tethering system. The car seat easily and safely attaches to your car while the leash attachment hooks to your dog’s harness. Plus, it prevents your dog from distracting you while you’re driving. With the soft fleece interior, your dog will feel relaxed and cozy on the go. It includes large storage pockets, a waterproof exterior, and a machine-washable liner. While it can support up to 30 pounds, it’s recommended for dogs 20 pounds and under.
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The Pet Gear View 360 Pet Carrier & Car Seat is a great choice if you’re worried about your dog escaping. It’s a carrier and car seat in one, so it has a dome, mesh cover that can keep your dog secure inside. It also has a leash tether to add to its safety. The unique 360-degree mesh design allows pets to have an unobstructed view of their surroundings, helping to minimize travel-related stress and anxiety. For added convenience, the carrier has a removable, washable plush pad to ensure your pet’s comfort and side pockets for storing essential items. When you take the carrier out of the car, it has a sturdy handle so you can easily bring your pup to new locations.
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The GENORTH Small Dog Car Seat is the perfect dog bed for cars if you have a small breed. It comes in two sizes: one for up to 11 pounds and one for up to 20 pounds. It has a durable PVC frame with a plush interior pad. Also, it has mesh covering two sides so your pup can feel more relaxed by seeing their surroundings. Safety is also a priority with this product, featuring a built-in leash that ensures your pet remains securely anchored during transit. A bonus is the collapsible design, allowing for easy storage when not in use. Plus, it has a convenient storage pocket, perfect for keeping treats and toys within arm’s reach.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are Dog Car Seats Necessary?
Dog car seats are not legally mandated, but they’re highly recommended for ensuring the safety and comfort of your pet during car rides. By securing your dog in a designated car seat, you reduce the risk of them becoming a distraction to the driver or getting injured in sudden stops or accidents. Additionally, these seats often provide an elevated view, potentially reducing anxiety and motion sickness in dogs.
Are There Car Seat Beds for Big Dogs?
Yes, while many car seat beds are designed for small to medium-sized dogs, there are options available for larger breeds. Car seats for large dogs aren’t common, but there are still dog seat belts and harnesses that help keep dogs of all sizes safe in the car. Check the item’s information to decide if a car safety product is suitable for your large dog.
How Do You Clean a Dog Car Seat?
To clean a dog car seat, first remove any detachable covers or cushions and wash them according to the manufacturer’s instructions, often in a machine on a gentle cycle. For the main seat structure, wipe down with a damp cloth using mild soap or a pet-friendly cleaning solution, then let it air dry. Regularly inspect for wear and tear to ensure continued safety and functionality.
Are Dog Car Seats Crash-Tested?
Some dog car seats on the market undergo crash-testing to ensure they can protect pets during collisions, but not all do. If safety during a crash is a priority, it’s important to seek out brands or models that specify their crash-test standards and results. Always check the product details and reviews before making a purchase.
Is a Dog Car Seat Better Than a Crate When Traveling?
Whether a dog car seat is better than a crate depends on the dog’s size, temperament, and travel situation. Car seats provide more visibility for dogs and can be more interactive, while crates may offer a secure, familiar environment, especially for dogs accustomed to them. Both options aim to keep the dog safe and comfortable, so the choice largely comes down to personal and pet preferences.
Final Thoughts

Choosing the best car seat or bed for your dog is crucial for their comfort and safety during travel. Always consider factors like your pet’s size, the seat’s construction, safety features, and ease of installation in your vehicle when making your choice. By having one of these products for your vehicle, traveling will hopefully be more relaxing for both you and your dog.

iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

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