Dog Had Anxiety Attacks, Til ‘Unlikely Someone’ Nudged Him With Her Paw

Chapo was found chained up in a garage after four miserable years, neglected and isolated. His trauma was so deep that he still had anxiety attacks when he went into foster care. His foster mom, Claudia, would stop everything she was doing to get under a blanket with Chapo, hoping her hugs would soothe him.
The dog’s only safe space was Claudia’s bedroom. He’d jump onto her bed, desperate for his tension to dissipate. The bed happened to be kitty Freeway’s favorite place as well. Freeway warmed up to Chapo quickly and wrapped her little paw around him, knowing he needed her.
Claudia’s compassion and Freeway’s comfort helped Chapo emerge from his shell. One day, when Claudia’s two-year-old niece came over, Chapo ran into the backyard with the tot, wagging his tail. It was a glorious sight to see! Claudia says, “The layers started to peel off him.”
This miracle transformation was made possible thanks to unwavering love from a human and a cat. To see the heartwarming story unfold, click play on the video below.
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