Rescuers Had No Idea What Was Running Towards Them, Begging For Help

When the excited animals first started scrambling towards them, rescuers from Brazil’s SOS 4 Patas couldn’t tell what they were. But it was clear the animals needed their help.
As they gradually came closer, the volunteers realized the pint-sized, pitiful creatures were actually puppies. They were super tiny and in absolutely awful condition. 
Their small size and the current condition of their skin made the rescuers very concerned for their health and safety. They decided they better search the area in case more puppies, and possibly their mama, were nearby and also in need of help.
Once they finished greeting the first three brave little pups, they followed them back to where the rest of their family was hiding. It was evident that the entire family had been living along the road, hidden in the bushes for a while. But what were they surviving on? What were they eating and drinking? When the rescuers presented them with food, each tiny pup clamored to get their share before scarfing it down as fast as they could. 
Then, the rescuers searched the bushes to see if there were any more pups. Mama had been hiding deep in the bushes the whole time. After that, they took the entire family back to the SOS 4 Patas headquarters. Immediately, everyone was examined by a vet, and had the opportunity to fill their hungry bellies with more food and water. They were all so happy and thankful to finally be safe.
While the poor pups were suffering from severe scabies, they were now in the perfect place to receive care. Volunteers gently bathed mama and each of her pups and began daily treatments to kill off the skin mites. Within just a few days, the changes were already evident in their skin. Healing was definitely happening!
Two weeks later, their skin was completely clean and clear. Tiny hairs had even started to grow back in. The puppies were looking great, and on the road to recovery. Soon, these beautiful babies would be ready for adoption.
It’s truly a miracle that they were even found, let alone that they were now experiencing an amazing recovery. Never again will they need to wonder where their next meal will come from. And they will only know lives filled with love.
You can see their story and watch their entire transformation in the video below.

Featured Image: YouTube
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