25 Best Foods for an Overweight Dachshund

Does your  Dachshund have a few extra pounds they need to lose? You’re not alone. Members of our I Love My Dachshund Facebook community recently shared their insights on the following question: What food would you recommend for an overweight Dachshund? We received hundreds of helpful replies and below have compiled some of the best responses.

Always remember to consult your veterinarian before making any health changes to your dachshund’s diet, especially if they are overweight, and may have other related health issues. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

25 Best Dog Foods for a Dachshund That Needs to Lose Weight

Hill’s Science Diet Weight Management & more exercise even if it’s an extra few minutes on a walk. I used the wet food.

Author: Sonja Joy G.
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We fed our doxies (and other pups) 1) reduced amount of kibble (per DVM), cooked & raw carrots, a couple of pieces of cut string beans, a little bit (very little) of cooked chicken and some chicken broth. Their weight varied by 1-2 lbs……mostly because of too many ‘treats’ and not enough activity due to bad weather (no walks)
Author: Hillary M.
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They told me green beans were best and use them as snacks and all. It is so hard not to get them overweight. Their little personalities make it so hard
Author: Nancy McCelvey K.
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I have had lots of dogs. Today vets recommend lots of fancy expensive name brands. I tell my friends not to buy it. Their dogs all have stomach issues. My brand Purina Dog Chow original kibble. Been around 60 years at least. The best. Everyone of my dogs lived to be 15, except one my Doxie Lilly lived to be 18. Expensive does not necessarily mean healthy.

Author: Agnes L.
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I had a big girl I was advised by my vet to feed her 1/4 cup twice a day. I fed my dog Eukanuba Fit Body.

Author: Jaden J.
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We could not afford the prescription dog food the vet recommended. Goggled dog food for kidney and heart issues. We started making Muffins food. Cheaper and Muffin loves it. Our vet approved it. If you use canned veggies, get no salt added. We make the turkey kind. Sweet potatoes, unsalted Green beans, sweet potatoes, and more. Just google it and Don’t add salt. She is doing much better.
Author: Cindy Hall P.
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Mine like the Hill’s Science Diet Healthy Weight (has a picture of a dachshund on the package) and my vet said that was fine if they liked it better than the prescription food

Author: Lindsey Michelle C.
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I give my overweight girl Hill’s Science Diet weight control dry food. She is beginning to lose a little. I used to make her food but that didn’t seem to work for weight loss.

Author: Victoria L.
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Feed 1 Cup at 8 am daily (i cook homemade skinless diced chicken, diced yams, rice with a little low sodium chicken broth mixed in). Regular exercise and play. Classical or Doggie Meditation Music Bottled water only. Only IF hungry at night: 1 Tablespoon Pumpkin
Author: Lori H.
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My doxie just went to the Vet TODAY because he is overweight. He needs to lose 9 lbs. but in all fairness, he has a sprained foot that has kept him from taking walks. The Vet put him on Royal Canin Satiety Support Weight Management. I’ll mix it with his other food and slowly change him to 100% this Royal Canin food. It’s my fault too for giving him little pieces of my food. So now we start mom’s tough love weight loss program! Wish him (me) luck!!

Author: Janice Lynn E.
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Bil Jac I’m on my 4th and 5th dachshunds. I was told by a chihuahua rescue that they eliminate it faster so it helps with weight. I tried it and my boys have stayed slim compared to my other three that ate a vet diet food.

Author: Allene T.
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I fed my Onyx Wellness. Any flavor and love it.Onyx was a doxy that when she was full she turned her face

Author: Bernardine S.
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Have you tried the Fresh Pet, It’s keep in a cooler by Pets at least at Walmart

Author: Jane N.
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I’ve has good luck with Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight.

Author: Carol F.
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Buzzbe loves Rachel Ray’s Little Bites Chicken and Veggies. He gets 1/4 cup in the morigad 1/4 cup in the evening….throughout the day as treats he gets slices of raw sweet potato, carrot slices, apple slices, blueberries and watermelon. He remains a perfect weight. The vet said whatever you are doing keep doing it.

Author: Cathy Tanner K.
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We did honest kitchen! All organic dehydrated veggies and fruits and you mix your own protein in or buy the protein already in.

Author: Michelle G.
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Chicken and brown rice and green beans. Or sweet potatoes or pumpkin treats. Green beans soaked in beef or chicken broth. I make all my dogs food. My Katie was very over weight she weighed 25 lbs and lost to 18. With in six month. Pumpkin and green beans. But make sure she has chicken breast once a day. About 1/2 cup. And a little rice. When she lost enough I started adding kibble. Using chicken or beef broth really helps. I cooked for five dogs at one time. Make a batch of whatever your are using and put it in freezer bags. Oh Katie loved watermelon. Nice treat. I don’t believe dogs should be hunger when they need to lose weight. Also natural peanut butter just a 1/2 a teaspoon I make oat peanut butter and pumpkin treats. Bake like cookies. I only have one little girl left. She is 16 now. I’m 77 and I will adopt a another Senior if I decide to get another one. I’ve had dachshunds the past 20 years. With a boxer here and there.
Author: Pandy M.
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Have u tried Royal Canin breed specific food made for Dachshunds I use the Royal Canin Dachshund Teckel dry food for adults and also the puppy formula for Alfie who is almost 2 then Addie is 7 months and eats the puppy dry food

Author: Vicki G.
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I cook ground turkey 1lb. or 2, or I mix turkey and chicken or chicken. I use 2 lbs in any combination of the 2 meats. Then a bag or two of the California style frozen mixed vegetables microwaveable, when all is fully cooked, I blend them up in a food processor scoop it out into the sandwich meat plastic containers and then around 9am and 4pm I give him about 1 1/2 teaspoons of it for food on the stomach. I keep it refrigerated or frozen if it isn’t the container being used. Then warm for 10 seconds to get the chill off and serve.. It usually last 3 to 4 weeks and you can pick up the discounted meet and save money. the vegetables are broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. My vet said to give him a tablespoon a day that is why the 1 1/2 teaspoon so 3 teaspoons make a tablespoon.
Author: Rita R.
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My dachshund has always been on Royal Canin for dachshunds, his weight is perfect.

Author: Lynne D.
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I use nutro weight management

Author: Michelle Todd B.
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Nutrisource. They have small breed and weight management

Author: Jessica C.
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Try healthy weight Beneful dry dog food.

Author: Sandra H.
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I give my dog 3/4 cup dry food along with 1/4 green pepper cut up and 2 tablespoons can food. In the evening I give her 1/4 cup dry food with a little cut up green pepper. She is a minature dochie and lost three pounds in four months. She is now 18 pounds and the vet is happy. The food in the evening satisfies her and for treats she gets a piece of green pepper and is happy with it. She is twelve years old and I hope to have her much longer
Author: Margaret Martell B.
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I feed mine Fresh Pet, cooked chicken breast and a little canned pumpkin. It’s all fresh and healthy

Author: Sharon W.
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In conclusion, providing an obese Dachshund with the right diet is crucial to ensure their journey towards a healthier weight is both enjoyable and effective. By focusing on high-quality protein sources, low-glycemic carbohydrates, and essential nutrients, you can support your dog’s weight loss while maintaining their overall health. Always consult with your veterinarian before making any significant changes to your pet’s diet. With patience, dedication, and the right food choices, your beloved Dachshund will be well on their way to achieving a leaner, happier, and more energetic life. Embrace the journey together for a stronger bond and a healthier future.

iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links above may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.
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