Freshpet: It’s Not Dog Food It’s Food Food

Dog food has been
largely unchanged since it was invented over 50 years ago. No matter which
brand you choose, it’s all the same – brown, overcooked kibble made from
unknown ingredients. Freshpet is here to change this.

It’s time for fresh

At Freshpet, we believe
that pets are valued family members and deserve nothing but the best,
especially when it comes to the food they eat. It was this belief that pushed
us to change the pet food industry and enable pet parents to feed their pets
the food they deserve.

Our goal is not to create fresh, healthy pet food – we want to create fresh, healthy food for pets. What differentiates pet food from food for pets is the ingredients that go into it:

100% natural farm-raised poultry, beef, and fishFiber-packed garden veggiesAntioxidant-rich fruits

We’re committed to using
the highest-quality ingredients in each recipe because when you start with
fresh ingredients, you end with fresh food.

Thoughtfully prepared recipes

The ingredients used
aren’t the only thing that differentiates pet food from food for pets – the way
it’s prepared plays a big role as well.

It starts with our
kitchens themselves – our Freshpet kitchens have higher standards than some
people food manufacturers even do! We’re registered with the FDA and APHIS and
cook each meal in accordance with FDA and USDA standards. What’s more, before
any recipes leave the kitchen they undergo over 20 quality and safety tests to
ensure each one meets the necessary standards.

When it comes to
actually cooking the recipes, we do everything we can to protect the integrity
of the ingredients we use. This means gently steaming each recipe at low
temperatures followed by vacuum sealing the packaging to lock in the natural
goodness. This unique way of preparing our recipes ensures that each recipe is
packed with essential micronutrients only found in fresh food.

It’s not pet food, it’s food food

One of the hallmarks of pet food is just how shelf stable it is. When you open a new package of pet food, you can safely leave it open for months on end with no discernable difference to taste or appearance.

Of course, since we use
real meat, veggies, and fruit in our recipes they have much, much shorter shelf
lives. Until you’re ready to serve your pet their meal it needs to be stored in
the fridge and just like all food foods, there is a sell-by date as well as a
use-by date on the packaging. This use-by date indicates how long after opening
it needs to be used:

Rolls: 7 daysPatties:
5 daysSpring
& Sprout and Homestyle Creations Bagged Meals: 5 daysFreshpet
Select, Deli Fresh, and Vital Bagged Meals: 7 daysSingle
Serve: 2 days

Because our food for
pets is much closer to its natural state, it only lasts as long as your own
food would!

Since Freshpet was
started in 2006, we’ve been on a mission to create fresh and healthy food for
pets. Our commitment to high-quality ingredients, innovative cooking methods,
and the short shelf life of our recipes tell us that we’ve accomplished this
mission. This is why we’re proud to say Freshpet is not pet food, it’s food
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