You Helped Save These Bonded Stray Dogs Before Freezing Temperatures Hit

Whenever you buy products from the iHeartDogs store, some of that money goes to Greater Good Charities, which supports a variety of animals in need. Because of Greater Good Charities’ GOODS Program, many homeless dogs get a second chance at life thanks to generous food donations.
Nellie and Reese are two of many dogs whose lives have been saved because of the GOODS Program. Someone abandoned them on the streets, so they struggled to find food to survive. For over a week, they wandered around near a school, and the temperature kept dropping as Christmas approached.

No one came to pick up the young dogs, and if they stayed out there much longer, they might have frozen to death. So, Route 66 Pet Rescue from Tulsa, Oklahoma, rushed to pick up the dogs just before the temperature dropped into the negatives. Rescuing them likely saved their lives!
Route 66 was able to take in Nellie and Reese because of the GOODS Program’s donations. Greater Good Charities provided food to the duo and the other dogs at the rescue so the volunteers could focus on other areas of the animals’ care.

Ready for a Forever Home
Now, Nellie and Reese are in foster care while they wait for their perfect family to come along. They love being near each other, so Route 66 would like to adopt them out together if possible.
“Today they are both warm and have a full belly,” wrote Route 66. “The GOODS Program enables us to help the dogs and cats so much with great quality food, treats, and toys. Programs like this give us the opportunity to help the animals in our program thrive.”

Nellie and Reese can be a little timid around humans at first, but they’re quickly learning what it’s like to be loved. They adore playing with other dogs more than anything. If you’re interested in opening your home and heart to this wonderful duo, visit Route 66’s website.
Every time you purchase products from the iHeartDogs store, dogs like Nellie and Reese get healthy meals. Thanks to these donations, many rescue dogs never have to go hungry again. So, thank you to all the incredible heroes who have purchased products to help dogs in need!
Shop & Give Back!
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