Spoiled Pittie’s So Jealous Of New Brother, He Moves Himself Out

Pit Bull, Bronson, is one spoiled boy! He is stuck like glue to his doggy dad, Ryan. Bronson’s mama, Sydnee, says she doesn’t mind because their other pup, Kush, is her baby. The foursome lived a picture-perfect life until the pandemic changed everything.
Bronson sensed something was different when Sydnee became pregnant. And as soon as Baby Crew came home from the hospital, Bronson exhibited some interesting behavior. The dog wasn’t a fan and distanced himself if the baby fussed. If Dad was paying too much attention to Crew, Bronson didn’t handle it well and placed himself on Dad as if to say, “Love on me first!”
Kush was the exact opposite. If Crew cried, Kush was right by his side, trying to figure out what was wrong with his baby. Bronson’s jealousy grew, and the bratty yet adorable Pittie, moved out of his parent’s bedroom and into the living room. Ryan knew something had to be done!
Ryan decided to plan out his day to include more quality time with Bronson, hoping this would solve the problem. Will the adjustment work? Will Bronson finally accept Baby Crew rather than resent him? To find out, scroll on down!
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