10 Best Invisible Dog Fences for Rhodesian Ridgebacks

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Installing an invisible dog fence gives your Rhodesian Ridgeback the freedom to enjoy your whole yard. Unlike traditional dog fences, invisible fences save you money and are easy to install. Plus, they won’t alter the appearance of your yard.
Wireless dog fences, also known as invisible dog fences, interact with a special dog collar. The collar vibrates as your Rhodesian Ridgeback approaches the boundary and some may give an electrical correction when the dog has gone too far. You get to choose which settings you use.
These fences have many advantages, but it’s difficult to find the best invisible dog fence because there’s lots of competition. So, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best invisible/wireless dog fences for Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

Advantages Of Wireless/Invisible Dog Fences for Rhodesian Ridgebacks
The following are some advantages of wireless/invisible dog fences:

Give your dog freedom
Allow your dog to enjoy an unobstructed view
Save you money over traditional fencing
Easy to install
Help train your dog and shape good habits
Keep your dog safe

While these are all positives of invisible fences, it’s good to remember that you can’t reap the benefits without training your dog. You’ll need to teach your dog where the boundaries are for at least two weeks before letting them roam free in the space.
Best Wireless/Invisible Dog Fences for Rhodesian Ridgebacks: Premium Picks
Quick Picks

PetSafe Wireless Fence
Extreme Dog Fence
SpotOn GPS Dog Fence
PetSafe YardMax Rechargeable Dog Fence
SportDog Rechargeable Invisible Fence
PetSafe Basic In-Ground System
PetSafe Stay And Play Wireless Dog Fence
BHCEY GPS Wireless Dog Fence System
WIEZ GPS Wireless Dog Fence
 AWEEC Wireless And Electric Dog Fence

1.  PetSafe Wireless Fence

PetSafe Wireless Fence is the most reliable invisible dog fence. It consists of the main transmitter unit that communicates with your dog’s collar. The transmitter emits a 17.5 kHz radio signal that creates a circular perimeter around your backyard or home. So, when your dog enters or goes near the perimeter, they will hear a warning tone or vibrations followed by the static correction.
The product has an adjustable circular perimeter, so you can establish a perimeter with a 90-foot radius in all directions. Also, it’s easy to install; you just need to turn on the transmitter unit, adjust your circular diameter range, and that’s all. This invisible fence is waterproof, so you don’t need to keep your dog inside when it’s raining.
Additionally, it has an automatic shut-off feature. With this feature, if your dog ends up leaving the perimeter, the static correction will shut off automatically after 30 seconds. It’s a portable system that works with multiple dogs. All these features make it the best invisible dog fence.
In A Nutshell
The PetSafe Wireless Fence is great because it’s lightweight, comfortable, and flexible.
A downside is that it only provides a round perimeter area.

Portable system
Easy to install
Automatic shut-off feature


Only provides a round perimeter area instead of a square or rectangle


2.  Extreme Dog Fence

The Extreme Dog Fence is another one of the best invisible fences for your dog. However, it’s not wireless. This kit is customizable for several dogs and has different size properties. It comes with enough wire to cover properties up to ⅓ acre, and if you buy additional wire, this system can cover up to 6 acres.
This Extreme Dog Fence kit includes a transmitter, waterproof splices, flags, and 500 feet of wire. The kit includes a waterproof collar that’s submersible up to 10 feet, which allows you to let your pup run and play in a pool or pond.
It comes with a 1-year warranty, but when you register the fence, your warranty extends to 5 years. In short, this fence will contain your dog and has been manufactured for over 25 years. Thus, it carries a stellar reputation for performance and reliability. All these things make it the best wired invisible dog fence.
In A Nutshell
The best thing about the Extreme Dog Fence is its reliability. Also, it comes with multiple accessories.
However, it’s expensive and suitable for only one dog.

Seven correction levels
Comes with multiple accessories
Submersible collar
One-year warranty


Suitable for only one dog


3. SpotOn GPS Dog Fence

Whereas other electronic dog fences may need an extensive setup that involves digging and burying wire, SpotOn GPS Dog Fence works right out of the box, with no manual labor necessary. The program is as easy to set up as taking your dog for a walk – walk the boundary of the “fence” you want to set up for your pup, pop the collar on, and let your dog explore worry-free with SpotOn. 
SpotOn’s GPS Dog Fence is waterproof, so whether you have a splasher or a swimmer, you can rest assured that SpotOn will keep tabs on your pup’s location so you don’t have to worry about them wandering. Your dog won’t need to be limited to one “fence” either – for those with bigger properties, you can set up to 20 different zones to keep better track of your canine explorer.
SpotOn’s GPS Dog Fence is head and shoulders above other GPS collars, thanks to their patented True Location™ technology. Unlike other systems, SpotOn uses a dedicated GPS antenna that dynamically filters out poor GPS signals partially blocked by the horizon, trees, or buildings. This antenna connects to four satellite systems simultaneously, so a SpotOn dog is always connected to 25-30 satellites and is designed to sit on the back of the dog’s neck so it has the best view of the sky. Other systems use a shared GPS and cell antenna, which can be impacted by interference and are less accurate.
SpotOn’s products are made in the U.S.A., and they offer a generous discount to veterans of the U.S. military.

Designed for ½ acre to 1,000s of acres
Create boundaries through tough terrain where physical fencing can’t be built, and even through water
SpotOn’s GPS collar is waterproof and has an IP67 water rating
Create up to 20 boundaries by drawing on a map through the app, or make more precise boundaries by walking the perimeter. These boundaries can be adjusted after you draw them.
Allows you to overlap boundaries, and create different zones within your yard
Tracking feature – see your dog at the touch of a button. Also if they do leave the boundary you will get automatic breach alerts.
Learn to train your dog through modules within the app and get a free 1:1 training session with a certified dog trainer if you need help.


Pricier than other options

4.  PetSafe YardMax Rechargeable Dog Fence

PetSafe YardMax is the best invisible dog fence that provides extra space. It’s customizable and allows you to cover a ½ acre of space with the wire included. This PetSafe unit offers a wireless collar and allows you to set up “no-go zones” for outdoor and indoor objects you want to keep your dog away from.
Most amazingly, you can use a wire to suit your yard shape, allowing you to create a perimeter customized to your yard’s size. Unlike other fences, its warning zone is outside the boundary line instead of before. Due to this feature, your dog has more room to enjoy your yard.
Also, if your dog breaks through the boundary, they will continue to be corrected until they return to your yard or 15 seconds pass. With this fence, you have the option to create extra wireless boundaries.
Furthermore, it’s waterproof and has rechargeable collars. This unit is ideal for dogs weighing 5 pounds or more and fits necks that are 6-28 inches. Due to these features, it’s ranked as one of the best invisible dog fences.
In a Nutshell
PetSafe YardMax is great because its large containment zone and rechargeable batteries save you money.
The only downside about this tracker is that it’s more expensive than the other PetSafe units.

Compatible with multiple collars
The warning zone is outside the boundary line
Can create extra wireless boundaries
Rechargeable batteries
Adjustable correction options




5.  SportDog Rechargeable Invisible Fence

This in-ground fence kit by the SportDog brand contains a few additional flags and costs a little less than the other units. It contains 100 flags, and the wire stretches 1,000 feet. Alternatively, expanding the transmitter’s reach to your other dog is also possible by buying another SDF-R receiver.
This invisible dog fence is an effective containment system that works consistently and offers a great battery life. Also, there are four levels of corrective action available on the collar. The collar gives tone and vibration warnings before moving to one of seven static stimulation levels.
It features a wire break alarm and built-in lightning protector. In the battery department, it features lithium-ion batteries with a 2-hour quick charge and one to two months of battery life.
In short, it’s waterproof and submersible to 25 feet due to the dryer technology. Also, it contains an unlimited number of dogs with additional collars. It’s ideal for dogs 10 pounds or more.
In A Nutshell
SportDog Fence stands out because of its easy-to-install and waterproof design.
Unfortunately, this tracker can be stressful for some pets.

Easy to install
Rechargeable collar
2-hour quick charge
Unlimited dogs
Safety-focused features


It can be stressful for some dogs


6.  PetSafe Basic In-Ground System

The PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence System is another in-ground invisible fence that’s a DIY project. Its wired nature makes it more affordable than most wireless options and allows you to tailor the area to your pet’s needs. You’ll need to install this system yourself, but that’s just part of the deal regarding such an affordable unit.
The most important aspect is that it customizes to fit your yard. Its underground wire means that you can choose the shape and size of your boundaries for your property. This invisible dog fence also comes with 500 feet of boundary wire and can be extended to cover up to 5 acres of land by purchasing additional wire.
Most importantly, it has adjustable correction options. You can choose several levels of correction, plus the option for sound-only correction. It’s waterproof, so you don’t need to keep your dog inside when it’s raining. It also has an automatic shut-off feature like the other PetSafe units.
Last but not least, this fence is ideal for dogs weighing 8 pounds or more and is designed to fit necks that are 6-28 inches. Due to all these reasons, this fence is ranked as one of the best invisible fences for your dog.
In A Nutshell
The PetSafe Basic In-Ground System stands out because of its fantastic features.
However, its installation is time-consuming.

Customize to fit your yard
500 feet of wire included
Automatic shut-off feature
Adjustable correction options


Installation is time-consuming


7.  PetSafe Stay And Play Wireless Dog Fence

The PetSafe Stay and Play fence system is very similar to the other PetSafe units but has some major differences. One of the main differences is that this PetSafe unit has rechargeable collars. Unlike the other wireless fences, it doesn’t rely on batteries.
Overall, it’s wireless and easy to install. Simply turn on the transmitter unit and set your circular range. With this unit, your dog has more space to play because the system can establish a circular containment area of ¾ acre (210 ft in diameter). Also, there are adjustable correction options so you can choose from five different static correction levels or a sound-only correction.
Furthermore, it’s waterproof and can connect multiple yards. It also has an automatic shut-off feature and is suitable for dogs weighing 5 pounds or more.
In A Nutshell
PetSafe Stay and Play is a great dog fence because of its rechargeable collar units and larger diameter emission.
One downside is that it only provides a round perimeter area instead of a square or rectangle.

No wire installation is necessary
Adjustable correction options
Automatic shut-off feature
Suitable for smaller dogs
Easy to install


Only provides a round perimeter area instead of a square or rectangle


8.  BHCEY GPS Wireless Dog Fence System

The BHCEY dog fence system has advanced GPS satellite positioning technology, which is more accurate and stable than other invisible fences. This technology uses a radio-frequency signal, and its satellite positioning technology provides a much larger signal range of up to 3,280 feet (776-acre area). However, this collar can’t track the actual location of your dog when leaving the boundary.
The extensive range of this fence enables your dog to be trained outdoors with a safe boundary set. Also, the warning strength can be adjusted to three different vibration and shock intensity levels. With its adjustable warning strength, you can train your dog for different situations while keeping them safe.
BHCEY fence system is easy to set up, and it doesn’t require any wires or transmitter boxes to set up a boundary. You just have to set the radius and shock intensity level the first time and then position the original point after every time you restart it. This wireless fence system has a safe design and overcorrection protection. It also has a strong anti-interference ability.
In A Nutshell
The BHCEY wireless dog fence is great because of its advanced wireless technology and accuracy.
The only downside of this tracker is that it’s not ideal for small dogs.

Modern positioning technology
Extensive range
Adjustable warning strength
Easy to set up
Up to 15 hours of battery life
Safe design and overcorrection protection


Not ideal for the small dogs

9.  WIEZ GPS Wireless Dog Fence

The WIEZ dog fence is one of the best wireless dog fences because of its innovative positioning technology. It only has a collar receiver and uses a GPS location technique, making it more stable and accurate. According to the manufacturer, 12 high-quality satellites support the work to provide much better accuracy than similar products.
It has adjustable distance and warning strength. For outdoor use, you can use it up to a radius of 776 acres or 3281 feet. Also, its electric shock and vibration intensity can be adjusted in three levels. It features a safety design, so if your dog goes beyond the set range, the electric shock or vibration will keep working non-stop for 16 seconds.
Plus, it’s highly convenient, and there’s no complexity in the setup process. It only takes a few seconds to set the boundaries you want. For this reason, it’s the best wireless dog fence.
In A Nutshell
The best thing about WIEZ Wireless Dog Fence is its range and innovative positioning technology.
The only major downside is that it’s a bit expensive.

Adjustable distance
Different warning strength
Safety design
Easy to install


A bit expensive

10.  AWEEC Wireless And Electric Dog Fence

If you want the best electric fence for dogs, then the AWEEC electric fence is a great option. This system has dual functionality: a wireless dog fence and a remote training collar.
The AWEEC dog fence has adopted the newest technology, which provides a more stable and accurate signal transmission that helps you train your dog and shape good habits.
Because of its wireless fence mode, the one transmitter can connect with several receiver collars, and you don’t need to pair them manually. They’ll be connected automatically when the power is on.
Under the training collar mode, it can control three dogs simultaneously. Three functions can be chosen from the panel, including sound, vibration, and shock. Additionally, this fence system is safe, waterproof, and adjustable. All these reasons have ranked it as one of the best wireless dog fences.
In A Nutshell
The AWEEC electric and wireless fence system stands out because of its dual functionality and accuracy.
The only downside is that it’s a bit pricey.

2-in-1 function
Wireless fence mode
Training collar mode
Safe and waterproof design
Highly accurate
Upgraded technology


Bit pricey


Factors To Consider Before Buying An Invisible/Wireless Dog Fence for your Rhodesian Ridgeback
No doubt, all the products we reviewed are excellent, but to get the perfect one, always consider these factors before buying.
1.   Area Coverage
It is possible to install invisible dog fences in yards of different sizes. Up to a half-acre circular barrier can be created by most wireless transmitters. In-ground invisible fences will vary in size based on how much wire they include.
You can extend the system with additional wire if you plan to give dogs more space. Up to 25 acres can be included in some systems.
2.   Containing vs. Repelling
Invisible dog fence systems are commonly used to contain dogs in yards. In most systems, a barrier sends a correction to the dog’s collar when they approach the limit. Invisible fences will not repel outside threats like a standard fence can.
3.  Correction Levels
When dogs cross an invisible fence line, users can adjust their dogs’ level of correction. It is extremely important to have levels that can be adjusted to keep your dog safe. Many dog parents only use sound and vibration corrections.
The level of correction you use will depend on your dog’s size and behavior. If you’re using static correction, you may need to use higher levels for stubborn, high-energy dogs. However, it’s not fair to use static correction if you haven’t spent lots of time teaching your dog where the boundaries are.
4.   Battery Backup And Surge Protector
Investing in a battery backup for the underground invisible fence system might be worthwhile if users live in an area prone to power outages. These plug-in devices can power an underground system for a few days. When a power outage occurs outside, this can be particularly important.
5.   Handheld Remote
There are also invisible fence systems with remote controls available for dog owners who would like a little more flexibility from their dog collars. The controls can also be used as a training tool. However, training using positive reinforcements is more effective than static corrections.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who Should Buy A Wireless Dog Fence?

People who don’t want a visible fence
Dog owners with large yards
New puppy parents

Who Should Buy a Traditional Fence for my Rhodesian Ridgeback Instead?

Owners looking to prevent intruders
Pet owners who also have children
Homeowners looking for privacy

Can a Dog Run Through an Invisible Fence?
Yes, dogs can run through invisible fences. However, if they’re properly trained on where the fence’s boundaries are, it’s less likely to happen. If your dog isn’t wearing the matching collar, they can run through the fence with no correction.
Are Wireless or Wired Invisible Fences Better for Rhodesian Ridgebacks?
It depends on what you’re looking for. Wireless fences are much easier to install but wired fences tend to be more reliable. If you have a large property, a wired invisible fence is more likely to cover it all than a wireless one.
What is the Average Cost of an Invisible Fence System?
Invisible dog fences typically cost $150 to $450, depending on the type and size. It may cost more if you need to buy extra collars or if you need to pay someone to install the fence for you.
How Long Do Invisible Fences Last?
Invisible dog fences can last up to 27 years with proper care. However, the batteries on the collars will need to be recharged or replaced every few months.
Can I Install My Own Invisible Fence?
Yes, you can install an invisible fence on your own. Wireless dog fences are usually quick and easy for anyone to set up, but in-ground fences require more work. If you don’t feel confident setting up an invisible fence on your own, you should hire someone to help you.
Why Does My Dog Keep Breaking Out of the Invisible Fence?
If your dog keeps breaking out of the invisible fence, they might not understand where the boundaries are. Don’t let your dog out in the invisible fence until you’ve spent a few weeks training them how to use it. Trained dogs may break through if the batteries are dead in their collar or if their collar is too loose.
How Do I Stop My Dog From Running Through My Wireless Fence?
Check the batteries on the dog collars to make sure they’re not dead. If the batteries are okay, test the collars to see if they still work when near the fence boundaries. If everything is working smoothly, you may need to spend more time teaching your dog where the boundaries are.
How Long Does it Take For a Dog to Understand an Invisible Fence?
It takes dogs at least three weeks of training to understand where an invisible fence’s boundaries are. However, some dogs may need more time. It’s up to you to decide if your dog seems confident enough to run around the yard without crossing the boundaries.
Are Invisible Dog Fences Worth it?
Invisible fences are worth it if you’re willing to put in the time to train your dog. If you have a large yard and don’t want a visible fence, an invisible fence may be an excellent choice for you.
Wrap Up
After going through the article, hopefully, you have an idea of which product is the best fence system for your Rhodesian Ridgeback. Consider which features are most important to you before making a decision. This will help you choose the perfect product. Hopefully, our experience and research helped you find what you were looking for.

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