10 Best Dog Cameras To Keep Your Pup Safe And Sound

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Pets need someone to keep an eye on them as much as possible, so the best dog cameras help you do that even when you’re not home. Whether you want to ensure your dog is safe or you want to catch them in the act if they cause trouble, pet cameras can help. They may even allow you to interact with your dog when you’re away to help them feel less lonely.
We have selected the best dog cameras that can help you keep an eye on your pup whenever you want. Setting up a dog camera is a great way to help you feel at ease when you’re away from your four-legged family member.

Best Dog Cameras
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This security dog camera by Kasa is an ideal choice for monitoring your pet indoors because it has all the features that a good dog camera should. It offers high-quality video/image quality and has motion sensors that detect sounds and movements and give you accurate alerts. It can record and store video footage, so you can see what your dog was up to even if you don’t actively watch the camera. The camera has a 360-degree horizontal view and a 113-degree vertical view. If you have other Kasa Smart Home devices, you can link them to this camera.
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You can always see where your dog is with this Furbo 360 camera. It gives you a 360-degree rotating view so that you can see every corner of a space. The video can be zoomed in up to four times, and you can communicate with your pet while you are out of the house. Additionally, this dog camera includes a treat dispenser so you can reward your dog with their favorite snacks from afar. The smart alerts give you accurate and real-time alarms of your dog’s activities and any unusual movements, making this one of the best dog cameras for your pet’s security.
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With a 360-degree pan/tilt movement, you can have visual access to every corner of your home to make sure your dog is safe and sound. This pet camera has great image and video quality because of its HD display and eight times zoom-in option. It moves both vertically and horizontally, not leaving any spot obstructed. The two-way audio allows you to talk to your pet and listen to them as well. Additionally, it accurately detects humans or sounds and gives you quick alerts, keeping you stress-free while you’re away from your pet.
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The YI Pan-Tilt security camera has all the right features that you will need to make sure your pup is safe and content no matter where you are. Motion sensors, 360 degrees of motion, night vision, and noise detection are just some of the many features included in this camera. The camera will alert you if any unusual movements occur. You can communicate with your pet, and the top-quality HD video offers clear pictures. Additionally, the mobile app is easy to operate, offers live feeds, and can be used with Alexa.
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This dog camera is a safe and reliable choice for your pet and gives easy access to your dog’s movements and routine activities. The app alerts you whenever it detects potential danger near your pet. Offering a 360-degree panoramic view, you can see the entire room from wherever you are. Additionally, it supports local SD cards of up to 128 GB that allow you to record and replay videos. With this dog security camera, you can talk to your pet when they’re alone, making both you and your dog less stressed.
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The TP-Link indoor security camera is one of the most affordable options, but it’s still a reliable choice for your pet’s safety. This small yet handy device will give you instant alerts whenever there are sounds or unusual movements. It features two-way audio that allows you to interact with your dog, and it has excellent night vision so you can track your dog’s movements even in darkness. Also, it supports local cloud storage so you can record your pet’s special moments.
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If you’re leaving your pet alone for a while, a dog security camera is necessary. Yet, this pet camera goes above and beyond by entertaining your dog. It has a treat dispenser so you can give your dog their favorite treats even when you’re not home. Plus, it has two-way audio so you can talk to your dog and hear them. This product has free cloud storage that records the last four hours for you, and the app is convenient to operate as well.
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This portable dog security camera is easy to move between rooms as needed. With HD video quality, you can live stream anytime, and the night vision feature allows you to see details even in darkness. The camera rotates both horizontally and vertically so you can have full access to every corner of the room. It features two-way audio for communicating with your pets, and you can link it to an Alexa or similar device. It also has motion sensors that give precise and timely alerts.
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This is another good option if you’re looking for a dog camera with a treat dispenser. The SKYMEE dog security camera has a wide-angle view with HD camera quality. This wireless camera allows you to track your pup’s activities 24/7 on your phone wherever you are. Also, it lets all your family members have equal access to the device. Each family member can chat and play with the dog through the camera. The automatic treat dispenser will keep your pet entertained while the motion sensor will keep you alerted of suspicious activities.
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This wireless security camera by Wansview is yet another affordable and safe choice for your home. It allows you to keep an eye on your dog while you’re away and lets you communicate with them as well, thanks to its two-way audio. With the help of the night vision feature, you can get a clear view of the room no matter the time of day. Also, it gives full 360-degree coverage, and you can zoom in on the video up to four times so you don’t miss any spots while checking the security. It also gives quick and precise alerts with the latest video recording to your phone, making it a reliable choice for pet monitoring.
What To Look For in the Best Dog Cameras
When you buy a dog camera, it’s good to have one that’s specifically designed to keep your dog safe and out of trouble. There are some cameras available that are good for overall security, but one that’s made specifically for dogs will likely be the best choice.
Yet, some of those cameras may have additional functions as well, such as allowing you to communicate with your dog or throw treats to them. If you have a dog who gets lonely when left alone, those functions might be just as important to you as the camera itself.
Special Features
Dog cameras have a variety of features. Certain cameras offer more than others. However, there are a few features that are a must-have for some dog parents, such as:

Two-way audio – you can listen to your pet and talk to them.
Night vision – allows you to have a clear look at your pet’s activities, even in darkness.
Motion sensor – detects any unusual movements and alerts you.
Barking detection – you’ll know when your dog barks or when other noises occur while you’re away.
Pan/tilt movement – gives you full access to the area where your dog is, including every corner.

All the cameras on this list have some special features to make sure they’re the best quality for your dog.
Set Up & Efficiency
The dog camera you choose should be easy to install and operate. Some cameras may have issues connecting to the app or Wi-Fi. The product should come with thorough instructions for how to use the app and the camera. Make sure the camera is long-lasting and can record the amount of video footage you need. If you’re ever unsure about the efficiency of a product, check out the reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are Dog Cameras Necessary?
Dog cameras may not be necessary if you stay at home with your pet regularly, but they can be crucial if you leave your house often. Having a dog camera will give you a sense of security when you’re away for long periods. You can keep an eye on them and track their activities while you’re away.
Where Should I Put My Dog Camera?
Dog cameras should be installed in a place where your pet spends most of their time. Choose a spot where the camera can view the majority of the room at once. However, many pet cameras rotate for a 360-degree view. Make sure the camera is secure and doesn’t have wires coming out of it.
Can The Best Dog Camera Keep My Dog Safe?
Having a dog camera is a great way to keep your pet safe no matter where you are. They have security features like motion sensors, bark detectors, human detection, and night vision. The camera will alert you if your dog is potentially in danger, such as if an intruder entered the home.
Do Dogs Understand Cameras?
Dogs typically don’t understand that a camera is pointed at them unless their human is behind the camera, then they’ll suspect that something is going on. Some dog cameras confuse canines if they hear their human’s voice or receive a treat because they might not understand where those things are coming from.
Can Dog Cameras Help with Separation Anxiety?
Dog cameras can be good for dogs with separation anxiety because you can keep an eye on your dog to ensure that you come home before they get too stressed. Some cameras also allow you to interact with your dog even when you’re away.
Do Dog Cameras Record?
Some dog cameras can record and store several days of footage while others don’t record at all. It depends on the product, so check the details before purchasing one.

A pet’s security is an utmost priority for most dog parents. It can be hard to leave your furry friend behind when you travel or go to work. Luckily, having one of the best pet cameras can help relieve the stress of both you and your dog.
With the best dog camera, you can know your dog is safe at all times. Plus, some dog cameras allow you to talk to your dog and dispense treats to help them feel less lonely. So, buying a dog camera will likely be beneficial for both you and your furry friend.

iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.
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