After Running Loose For Months, Lilly Is Safe Thanks To Your Help!

A portion of every purchase from the iHeartDogs store goes to Greater Good Charities, an organization that saves the lives of many animals in need. Those donations often go toward food and other necessary supplies so shelters and rescues don’t have to stress about money as much. Many lives are saved thanks to Greater Good Charities’ GOODS Program!
Before being rescued, Lilly lived as a stray. People reported sightings of her on a residential road in a rural area of Oklahoma City. For six months, she ran loose. One of the neighbors occasionally fed her, but no one attempted to capture her and bring her to safety.

When Lilly damaged someone’s outdoor decorations, that resident decided they had enough. They planned to transport her further into the country to dispose of her. Yet, when True Friends Animal Rescue, Inc. of Guthrie, Oklahoma, heard about Lilly, they knew they had to save her.
“Even though we were on intake hold, we couldn’t let this sweet girl’s life end this way,” True Friends wrote. “After lots of treats and gentle coaxing, Lilly was persuaded to join our rescue.”
Lilly is Safe at Last
Thanks to the GOODS Program, True Friends has enough food for Lilly every day. Without having to spend money on food, they’ve been able to focus more on her vet care, which includes vaccines, a heartworm test, and a spay procedure. She even got microchipped so if she’s ever roaming the streets again, she’ll be able to find her way home.

“Due to the GOODS Program’s generosity, Lilly is receiving two full meals a day, occasional treats, and has a warm bed to sleep on. We would not be able to house and feed the animals that come into our care if it were not for this program,” True Friends wrote.
Lilly lived in a loving foster home until her forever family came along. The donations from the GOODS Program help support the rescue’s foster parents so they can give the dogs the best care possible.
Every purchase from the iHeartDogs store can save the lives of dogs like Lilly. So, thank you to all the heroes who have bought products to help dogs in need!
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