Once Trembling And Terrified, Lilly Is Now Perpetually Pampered Thanks To You

A portion of every purchase you make from iHeartDogs.com is donated to Greater Good Charities. They’re an incredible group of charity partners who help people and pets. It’s because of customers like you that make their mission possible. 
Sadly, Lilly’s story started like so many others. This sweet girl was surrendered to a shelter and was left feeling shocked, scared, and wondering whether or not this was her new forever home.

Now that she was in an overwhelming new place, she was afraid of absolutely everything and everyone. Not only did she constantly keep her tail buried between her legs, an obvious sign of anxiety, but she was so scared that she would constantly curl into a ball and tremble. The poor pup was positively petrified. She wasn’t even willing to ask for pets, nor did she have any desire to play.
Fear makes it incredibly difficult for rescue dogs to find a family, and can cause amazing dogs to sit and wait in shelters for far too long. But after Lilly had some specialized training, she found a loving forever family of her very own. Lilly’s new family absolutely adores her, and they have helped her gain confidence. She is now extremely loved and perpetually pampered. Lilly is such a lucky girl.
The impact of the GOODS Program is absolutely priceless. Receiving supplies, food and treats helps immensely in mitigating all of the other costs involved with being a non-profit rescue. Your purchases from iHeartDogs.com fund Greater Good Charities. So, because of you, amazing dogs like Lilly have a chance to graduate from training and then go on to be adopted by the loving forever family of their dreams. 

The help your purchases provide is immensely impactful. Thanks to the GOODS Program, shelters are able to keep the bellies of deserving dogs like Lilly full, even if they’re struggling or working with limited resources. Which unfortunately, is all too common. Without having to worry about securing the basic necessities, rescues can instead focus their time and energy on making sure their animals are ready for adoption. Then, they can use their time to post online and find all the deserving dogs the loving forever family they so rightfully deserve. 
There are more full bellies and happy endings because of you! So, thank you. 
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