Woman Seeks To Raise Baby Raccoon Found Alone On Construction Site

When a construction company came into the neighborhood to build homes, local wildlife had to scatter to find new places to live. Sadly, a newborn raccoon was left behind by her family. A Good Samaritan found the kit and brought her to a raccoon rescue group. They named the little one Lucy.
Jaime, an active participant in the raccoon rescue community, received a call about Lucy. Jaime agreed to take her in. Lucy was only the size of a tiny hamster, which concerned Jaime. She was still unable to see and needed to be bottle-fed every few hours.
Newborn Lucy also struggled to breathe and had to be placed in a special box with a nebulizer. Even though she hated to go in the box for breathing treatments, Lucy eventually turned to Jaime and gave her this look that could only mean one thing to her new mom: Lucy wanted to live.
The kit continued to fight. Lucy will not be able to enter back into the wild, but Jaime vows to take care of her and give her the life she deserves. The kit climbs trees and hangs out with her raccoon brother, Louie. We are thrilled Lucy was found before it was too late. Scroll down to the video to see Jaime and Lucy’s complete story and witness the adorable little creature in action.
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