Stray Falls For Woman, Runs After Her Every Time She Leaves

Mackenzie met a stray she named Steppy, living on the side of the road in Antigua, where street dogs run rampant. The poor girl was underweight with barely any fur. Mackenzie brought her food and tried to earn her trust, but the weary pup kept her distance.
The caring, dedicated woman brought Steppy food every day. And soon, the stray wasn’t as into food as much as she was into Mackenzie. Steppy gave Mackenzie daily doggy welcomes with tail wags and smiles. Steppy even allowed Mackenzie to give her hugs and pets! Mackenzie says in the video, “She loved to hear ‘I love you, Steppy girl. I love you, beautiful.’”
The goal was to find Steppy a home, but Mackenzie wasn’t allowed to have dogs where she lives. It broke her heart! Steppy would follow Mackenzie’s car as she drove off, which made leaving her that much harder. It was time to do something about it!
Armed with a plan, a cargo plane, and a mission, Mackenzie was determined to change Steppy’s life forever! It’s an amazing journey you cannot miss!
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