Ralphie The “Fire-Breathing Demon Dog” Has Finally Found His Pack

After Ralphie was returned for the third time, the New York based rescue received and reviewed more than 700 applications, spoke with several dozen interested adopters, and even sent applications to Ralphie’s trainer for approval. But now, they finally feel that they have found Ralphie’s perfect pack. 
Every dog has their quirks, but Ralphie was originally described by the rescue as a “fire-breathing demon dog.”
While the young dog is indeed absolutely adorable, he packs quite a formidable personality in such a small puppy package. The handsome handful was described as a “demon dog” and as a “full fledged jerk” on the rescue’s Facebook page. But adorable jerks deserve forever homes too!
“Ralphie is a terror in a somewhat small package. What could go wrong with a 26lb dog, right? We’re sure you’re thinking: my ankles will be just fine. We’d caution – proceed at your own risk,” Niagara SPCA wrote on their Facebook post.
After being returned for the third time, Ralphie was sent to a six-week boarding and training program. It was there that Ralphie was able to overcome his “reactivity to other dogs,” and they realized that he didn’t have to be in a home all alone, after all.
In his new home, Ralphie will be joining another Frenchie, a mini Dachshund, a Jack Russell, and a German Shepherd. His new dad, Jason is uniquely qualified to be Ralphie’s human because both his Frenchie and Dachshund had “bite histories” before being adopted. Plus, he’s a professional dog trainer, himself. 
If anyone can handle whatever this diabolical dog can dish out, it’s a professional who has dedicated his entire life to dogs. Not only is Jason a dog trainer, but he gives his dogs the opportunity to run marathons and agility courses, along with playing flyball.
“Jason is exactly what Ralphie needs. He’ll provide him with structure, and give him an outlet for all that Frenchie energy,” said the rescue.
Ralphie’s new doggy dad has already created both an Instagram and a Facebook page for the “famous” Frenchie. So his adoring fans will be able to follow along on all of Ralphie’s future adventures with his new family. They truly feel that they have “set him up for success” between his six-week training, and choosing a new dad who has so much experience with “challenging canines.”

“We wish our tiny, reformed terror all the best and we look forward to hearing about all of his adventures. Will agility be his jam, or maybe he’ll beat his new sibling, Cookie’s 5k time of 36:06??? Whatever his next adventure is, we know he’s set up for a successful future! Thank you to all who shared Ralphie’s story and to those who donated to help tame the dragon,” wrote the rescue.
Fingers crossed that this is the final time this Frenchie will find himself looking for a new home!
Featured Image: Facebook
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