12 Best Toys For Puppies To Learn And Play With

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Puppies love to play, so the best toys for puppies are essential if you’re bringing home a young canine companion. For most puppies, just one toy won’t suffice. Many pups want a variety, including chew toys, squeaky toys, puzzle toys, and outdoor toys. That way, they can keep their minds busy while having fun, making them less likely to get into trouble.
Yet, how will you know what toys your new puppy will like the most? The best way to find out is to offer them a variety to learn which ones they’re most interested in. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the best toys for puppies in various categories.

Best Toys for Puppies
Best Chew Toys for Puppies
1. Nylabone Puppy Chew Teething PacifierMade for teething puppiesSoft material safe for puppy chewingGrooved texture for cleaning teethSeveral colors and textures to entice curious puppiesBuy on AmazonBuy on Chewy

Puppies love to chew! So, they need lots of chew toys to fulfill their gnawing needs. This teething pacifier is made with a soft material that’s safe for puppies to chew on. Parts of the toy are textured to clean their teeth and prevent tartar buildup as they chew. If you’re looking for more of the best teething toys for puppies, Nylabone has a variety of other designs, including a dinosaur and bone-shaped toys.
2. KONG Puppy ToySoft rubber for puppiesCan be filled with treats for mental stimulationVet-recommendedFive size optionsBuy on AmazonBuy on Chewy

KONG toys are perfect for both chewing and mental stimulation. Many dogs love to gnaw on the durable rubber, but the toy can also be filled with something flavorful, like treats or peanut butter, so your dog can figure out how to get it out. This specific product is the puppy version because the rubber is softer to cater to delicate puppy teeth. Vets recommend this toy for teething puppies, and there are five sizes available.
3. Fresh Mint Scented Dog Bone ToyVarying textures can remove plaqueCrevices for hiding toothpaste and treatsMint scentDonates a toy to a shelter dogComes in two sizesBuy on iHeartDogs

Not only is this toy perfect for teething puppies, but it’s also a great product for dental health. These chewy rubber toys have varying grooves on the ends to clean your puppy’s teeth as they chew. The rubber spikes can help remove plaque from hard-to-reach places. You can also put toothpaste in between the spikes for added cleaning. Otherwise, you can hide small treats in the crevices to entice hesitant pups. The toy has a mint scent that both puppies and humans can appreciate. This toy comes in two sizes, and each product sold donates a toy to a shelter dog.
Best Soft Toys for Puppies
4. Heartbeat Puppy Comfort CuddlerReplicates a living dogHelps calm puppies with anxietyComes with a heartbeat that can be turned on and offComes with a heat padDonates a toy to a shelter dogBuy on iHeartDogs

Some puppies get anxious when left alone because they’re so used to being cuddled and played with all the time. This plush toy can help puppies feel calm, even when you’re not home. The plush toy is meant for cuddling with, and it has a plastic heart inside that replicates a pulsing heartbeat. The toy also comes with a disposable heat pad that can go inside the toy to mimic a living canine. When puppies cuddle with it, they may feel like they’re cuddling with a real dog. Plus, every toy purchased donates a toy to a shelter dog.
5. GoDog Plush DragonSoft, bubbly textureDurable seamsBuilt-in squeakerMinimal stuffingLots of options availableBuy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

Squeaky toys are a favorite for most dogs, but many puppies destroy their plush toys, leaving a mess for their humans. This dragon plush is the perfect toy for puppies because it has soft fabric, durable seams, and a built-in squeaker. The bubbled texture of the fabric is appealing to most pups. Plus, it has minimal stuffing, so there’s less cleaning involved if your dog breaks it. You can buy this dragon in three different sizes and over 15 different styles.
6. Blue the Bear Plush Squeaky ToySoft fillingBuilt-in squeakerTextured corduroy is good for teethDonates a toy to a shelter dogSeveral animal designs availableBuy on iHeartDogs

Blue the Bear is a cuddly squeaky toy that dogs of all ages can enjoy. Ted the Bear and Barkley the Dog are two similar squeaky toys that dog parents can choose from. The interior is made with soft filling so the toy will be gentle on puppy teeth, and the textured corduroy on the exterior can clean your pup’s teeth as they chew. Every time one of these plush toys is purchased, a toy will be donated to a shelter dog.

Best Puzzle Toys for Puppies
7. Outward Hound Hide a SquirrelInteractive dog toySquirrels can hide in plush logFabric is gentle on teeth and gumsSquirrels have squeakersFour size optionsReplacement squirrels availableBuy on AmazonBuy on Chewy

Mental stimulation can be just as important as physical exercise for puppies. Puzzle toys are good toys for dogs because they can keep a dog’s mind busy to prevent them from being disruptive or destructive. This puzzle toy is a soft plush product that’s great for dogs who love squeaky toys. It’s a plush log that has holes for plush squirrels to fit inside. The squirrels squeak, causing dogs to have to figure out how to pull them out of the log. There are four different sizes available, and dog parents can even purchase replacement squirrels if needed.
8. Sniff Diggy Mental Stimulation Snuffle MatInteractive dog toyYou can hide treats in the fabric piecesImproves your dog’s focus and keeps them busyMultiple snuffle mats can link togetherDonates a toy to a shelter dogBuy on iHeartDogs

Snuffle mats are another great puzzle toy for puppies to start with. To use this product, you can hide your dog’s favorite treats among the pieces of fabric, and then your pup will have to sniff around to figure out where the treats are. It can improve your puppy’s focus and give them something to do. If you buy more than one snuffle mat, you can link them together to create an even larger sniffing space for your dog. Every one of these products purchased donates a toy to a shelter dog.
Best Outdoor Toys for Puppies
9. Benebone Puppy Chew ToysTwo small, unique shapesDurable, but soft enough for puppy teethSafe to take outsideMaple wood and bacon flavoringTextures help clean teethBuy on AmazonBuy on Chewy

These chewable Benebone toys are like durable sticks, so puppies can chew on them outside instead of breaking apart real sticks. These chews are strong to the human touch, but they’re a little softer than traditional Benebones to make them safe for puppy teeth. This pack comes with two small, unique shapes that have textures puppies will love. One has a real maple wood flavoring while the other is flavored with real bacon. Thus, even picky pups will feel compelled to chew.
10. West Paw Zogoflex Treat Dispensing ToyDurable chew toyFloats in waterYou can hide treats insideRecyclable and dishwasher safeComes in several colorsTwo sizes availableBuy on AmazonBuy on Chewy

West Paw has a variety of durable toys that can be safely used outside. This one even floats in the water. Not only is this product a chew toy, but it also works as a mental stimulation toy. You can hide treats inside it, causing your dog to figure out how to get those treats out. Another fun option is to freeze wet food or chicken broth inside. There is a small and large size, along with three colors available. West Paw’s toys are non-toxic, recyclable, and dishwasher-safe.
Best Ball Toys for Puppies
11. Chuckit Kick Fetch BallLarge ball that dog parents can kickFloats in waterRidges make it easy for dogs to grabMade with durable foam and canvasHas high-visibility colorsTwo sizes availableBuy on AmazonBuy on Chewy

There are lots of balls on the market, but this one brings unique features to playtime. This Chuckit ball is large, making it easy for dog parents to kick it so their puppies can chase it. You won’t have to worry about throwing a slobbery ball with your hands. It’s a great outdoor ball because it floats in water and it has high-visibility colors. The ridges on this ball help dogs of all sizes pick it up. It’s made with durable canvas and foam to help it hold up to strong puppies. It comes in two sizes so you can choose an option that’s suitable for your dog’s breed.
12. Hartz Dura Play BallBounces and floatsBacon-scentedBuilt-in squeakerEdges help clean teethFun for indoor or outdoor playColor may varyBuy on AmazonBuy on Chewy

These durable balls are perfect for dogs to play fetch with, whether you’re indoors or outdoors. They’re bacon-scented, so they’re great for encouraging hesitant puppies to play. The balls bounce and float. The color varies between orange, pink, green, or blue. They squeak, and the edges of the ball can clean your dog’s teeth as they chew.

Buying Guide for Best Toys for Puppies
There’s no shortage of dog toys on the market, so here are some aspects to look for to help you narrow down your search.
Type of Toy
First, think about the type of toy you’re looking for. If your puppy already has a lot of squeaky toys, you might want to look for something different, such as a puzzle toy or a ball. If you don’t know your puppy’s preferences yet, be sure to choose a variety of toy types so they have lots to choose from. No matter what, make sure you have some toys for teething.
Puppies aren’t as big as full-grown dogs, so their mouths may be too small to grab onto adult dog toys. So, choose small toys for your puppy to play with while they’re growing. However, keep in mind that a Chihuahua puppy will need much smaller toys than a German Shepherd puppy, even if they’re the same age.
Material is important because puppies have more sensitive teeth than adults. So, the material should be soft enough for them not to hurt themselves. For reference, you should be able to press into the toy with your fingernail. Also, you should avoid toys with small parts that could break off and become choking hazards.
Materials that have varying textures are great options because they appeal to teething puppies while also improving dental health.
Soft materials can still be durable. Puppies love to cause destruction, so they need a toy that can withstand their chewing. Look for toys with strong, yet safe, materials to ensure they’ll last.
However, “indestructible dog toys” are never a guarantee. All toys will break at some point if your dog is a heavy chewer. So, when you notice your puppy’s toys starting to fall apart, replace them to ensure that the broken pieces don’t pose a risk to your pup’s safety.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do Puppies Need Toys?
Yes, puppies need toys. Toys can fight boredom, provide comfort, and make dogs mentally stimulated. Having a variety of toys available is great for a puppy’s development.
What Toys Should You Avoid for Puppies?
When shopping for a puppy, avoid toys with hard materials and toys with pieces that could be choking hazards. Puppies have sensitive teeth, so they can’t safely chew through as many toys as adult dogs can.
Can You Use Baby Toys for Puppies?
Yes, some baby toys can be great for puppies. Baby toys are typically held to higher standards than puppy toys, so they will be safe for puppies to chew on. However, since they’re designed for babies instead of puppies, they might not appeal to puppies as much. They may also be less durable.
Why are Dog Toys Squeaky?
Dogs love squeaky toys because of their hunting instincts. The squeaking sound resembles the squeak of an injured animal, so it makes them feel like they’ve successfully captured their target.
Should I Let My Puppy Destroy Their Toys?
Yes, it’s okay for dogs to destroy their toys, however, you should remove access to the toy once it comes apart. Broken toys can pose choking hazards to dogs, so you should replace toys once they get to that point.

The best toys for puppies vary based on your pup’s behaviors and preferences. Large breeds that love to chew might favor chew toys while small breeds that love fetch might want a ball or squeaky toy instead. The best way to ensure that a puppy is content and mentally stimulated enough is to buy a variety of toys for them. Any of the toys in this article could be great toys for you to try with your new furry friend.

iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.
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