Mom Spots Dog’s “Wonky Face” On Facebook & Drives 2500-Miles To Bring Him Home

You know that feeling you get when you look at a dog and just know they’re meant to be part of your family? Even when you weren’t really thinking about getting another dog? Of course, you do! And so does Sherry Lankston of Seattle, Washington.
When she spotted lopsided cutie Harvey up for adoption at the San Diego Department of Animal Services, she knew the young Husky with a unique grin belonged with her family. And her heart was so certain, she packed up her two sons and their dog, River, to make the 1,250-mile journey to meet him.
When You Know
When they arrived, the first meeting went like a dream. Sherry wasn’t surprised that everything clicked with Harvey. The first time she saw him on Facebook, she knew there was something special about him, telling Today, “I just saw that happy face with his tongue rolling out the side, and I told my husband, ‘That little wonky face speaks to my little wonky heart, and I think that’s my dog.’”
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The post that introduced Sherry to Harvey was shared by Joy Ottinger, a lieutenant with the San Diego Department of Animal Services, because she wanted to help the good boy find his forever home.
“He was there for months, and nobody was interested in him,” Joy told Today. “I was hearing people say that he was ugly or ‘Ew, look at him!’”
With his crooked grin, smarts, and loving heart, Harvey was a “shelter favorite” who’d had a rough start in life. Joy shared Harvey was one of three Huskies rescued from the desert, and his deformity may have been caused by a bite to the face when he was a puppy. Whatever happened to Harvey, his crooked snout causes him no issues. It just gives him the cutest grin that made Sherry fall to pieces.

Family Road Trip For Love
But Harvey was so far away, making the idea of adopting him seem impossible. Sherry couldn’t stop thinking about Harvey, though, and even perused flights.
“I was like, ‘Why not look? Let’s see if I (can) find a flight to San Diego.’ And things were just outrageous — just to even consider that was silly.”
Photo: via Sherry Lankston
Joy and Sherry were working together on solutions to get Harvey from San Diego to Seattle. But Sherry came up with an idea that would make adopting Harvey a fun road trip. The Lankston made the long trip over three days, camping along the way with River. And when the family arrived to meet Harvey, Joy was on-hand to witness the site and said, “It was love at first sight!”
“It’s a big undertaking to take on another dog, especially a rescue because you never know what you’re gonna get. But we knew,” Sherry shared. “First meeting I was like, ‘OK, he’s our dog.’”
On the three-day family road trip home, Harvey learned he loves the cool rainy weather of Washington and really enjoyed “splashing in puddles and being silly.”
Sherry hopes their tale inspires others, explaining, “He’s just a great dog and I wish other people would hear the story and just say, ‘You know what, let’s go check out the shelter and maybe not pass up that wonky dog in a corner because that wonky dog in the corner could be their best friend.”
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Feature Image: Joy Violet/Facebook & Sherry Lankston/Facebook
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