Manatee Acts As Guardian Angel For Dog Stranded In River

There’s nothing more heartwarming than a pair of unlikely animal friends. Something about them being there for each other without being able to communicate is enough to bring tears to our eyes. So, when a manatee kept a stranded dog company, many people fell in love with the unlikely duo.
The poor Pit Bull was stranded in a river overnight, clinging to the cement edge for dear life. He couldn’t grip the surface well enough to climb out, so he remained floating there all alone. Yet, when a wild manatee spotted the struggling dog, he was eager to keep the canine company.
Dog Struggles to Stay Afloat
Several people in a Tampa neighborhood heard unusual noises overnight, but they didn’t think much of it at first. Then, in the morning, someone noticed a white dog stuck in the Hillsborough River. He looked terrified as he held onto the river’s edge as well as he could.
Someone contacted the Tampa Police Department when they spotted the struggling dog. Officers, including MPO Randy Lopez, rushed to the scene to save the canine before it was too late.
Lopez climbed into the river using a ladder and carried the large dog to land. The poor pup was covered with bug bites, and his paws were bloody from clinging to the cement. However, once he was on land, his demeanor changed, causing him to be more playful and relaxed. He’s lucky someone in the neighborhood found him when they did!
Manatee Watches Over Dog
After the rescue, Officer Jodie Maxim showed everyone a beautiful photo she took. In the image, the silhouette of a manatee can be seen in the water behind the stranded dog. The manatee seemed to be purposely hanging out near the dog, so many people called the gentle giant a “guardian angel” for the canine. However, the more realistic explanation is that manatees are naturally curious creatures. Either way, it’s sweet that the manatee was there for the dog in a time of need.
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“While setting up the rescue operation, look closely, this manatee kept our scared, wet pup company until TPD Marine Patrol could complete the rescue. You don’t see that every day, and it’s a great reminder… the importance of kindness,” Tampa Police Department wrote on Facebook.
As the dog was being rescued, many people in the neighborhood gathered nearby to see what was going on. The commotion caused the dog’s owners to approach the situation, and they were thrilled to see that their beloved dog was found safe. Both the dog and his humans seemed overjoyed to be reunited.
Featured Image: Facebook
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