Saint Bernard Runs Next Door To Visit 95-Year-Old Neighbor Every Chance He Gets

Since the day Brody the Saint Bernard was brought home, he has had a super sweet relationship with his 93-year-old neighbor. It was love at first sight for the big furry boy, and he has been enamored by Sally since the moment they first met.
In fact, their bond is so beautiful that Brody will sometimes scamper over to Sally’s house to see what she’s up to three to four times in a single day!
It was on his first day home with his new family that Brody met Sally. He had hardly even settled in before he took a trip next door.
“I had just given him a bath, and I went in the house and he was gone,” said Brody’s dad, Dave.
First they searched their house. But Brody was nowhere to be found. Sure enough, he had snuck next door to neighbor, Sally Reenhorn’s house.
Since the 93-year-old lives alone, and doesn’t have a dog of her own, she didn’t have any dog treats on hand. So she worked with what she had, and fed the fetching boy some stale bread. But Brody didn’t mind. He gobbled it right up, and even asked for more. 
“I thought, well, maybe he wants some old bread. And he loved it! And to this day, you will not believe it, he will not take dog food from me! He only wants bread from me,” said Sally.
Since the day that Brody was brought home at 12-weeks-old, he has made it his mission to sneak away and see his sweet friend, Sally. What does Brody do once he arrives? Well, he puts his big furry paws up on Sally’s window and waits until she sees he’s shown-up for a visit, of course.
Sometimes he heads inside with her and they snuggle-up on the couch to watch TV. Other times, he likes to follow her around outside while she tends to the flowers and plants in her gorgeous garden. 
But then after Sally had a heart-attack, and the difficult decision had to be made for her to be moved into a senior living facility, her furry best friend became super sad. 
The devoted dog didn’t give up. Four months after Sally left, he continued to run next door and put his big burly paws up on her window, hoping for a visit.
“He just went over there every day, but there were no more treats, so he would just stay there and sit there and fall asleep on the porch. So I’d have to call him back or drag him back,” said Dave.
So they started taking Brody on weekly trips to see his long lost best friend. It didn’t matter that she had moved away, Brody was never going to forget Sally. 
You can watch a wonderful video that tells the heartwarming story of Brody and Sally’s beautiful bond, below. And, to see even more of this absolute adorableness, you can follow Brody on Instagram.

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