Heartbroken Dog Abandoned In The Woods Can’t Find The Strength To Stand

By the time rescuers arrived, Keanu had completely given up. After the gentle giant was abandoned in the woods, he had gotten so sick and so sad that he chose to completely give up on life. He was found literally hours from death, lying motionless on the forest floor. He didn’t even have the strength to stand. 
But with lots of love and care, Keanu was able to find his will to live again.
When they found Keanu lying on the frozen ground, the poor pup was in really rough shape. So rescuers scooped him up, carried him to their car, and took him straight to the vet for lifesaving treatment. When he first arrived, he was so weak that he had trouble lifting his own head. It took him hours to even be able to respond to treatment.
But despite whatever he had been through, he was still so loving and trusting with every one of his new caretakers. It was clear that Keanu had full faith in them and that he understood they were there to help him heal. He was just so gentle. You could see it in his soulful eyes. 
The first week he was there, Keanu could hardly move a muscle. He even ate and drank while laying in the exact same position. He would stay lying on his side. Then, slowly over the next week, they were able to move his food bowl farther and farther away. Keanu was slowly building up the strength to stand and walk. 
After he relearned how to stand, he was able to slowly but surely start to explore the yard. Because of the terrible shape he arrived in, it was such a joyous sight to see. But the most heartwarming thing of all was when Keanu finally started to play! 
After a few months, rescuers saw Keanu’s true spirit come back to him. After getting to know him so well, they knew he was the type of dog that only comes around once-in-a-lifetime. He was seriously special. 
It wasn’t long after his recovery that gentle Keanu found the loving home he deserved. Not only was he finally being showered with love, but he fit in phenomenally with his new furry brothers and sisters. And it was all thanks to his caring rescuers.
You can watch Keanu find his will to live again in the beautiful video below.

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