Dog Left At Shelter With Detailed Portrait After 12 Years With One Family

Most dog parents could never imagine giving up their furry friends, but for families facing hard times, keeping everyone together isn’t always easy. A senior dog named Abby was surrendered to a Virginia shelter with all her belongings, including a detailed portrait, two bags of sweaters, and 12 years of vet records.
It’s clear that Abby’s family loved her and spoiled her very much. However, according to the shelter, they were facing a difficult situation that a GoFundMe couldn’t solve. So, they knew the best decision for their beloved dog would be to find her a new family that could properly support her.
Holding Her Belongings Close
Sanctuary Rescue heard about Abby’s story and took her into their care. Even though they didn’t get to talk to Abby’s family like the shelter did, they didn’t pass any judgment. They could tell that Abby was very loved, so they’re now determined to find her a new home where she’ll receive just as much love, if not more.
“Today we rescued a sweet, 12-year-old gal that was dropped off at the shelter with her bed, her toys, 12 years of vet records, two bags of her sweaters, and her framed portrait,” Sanctuary Rescue wrote on Facebook. “We’re thinking of hanging the dog’s portrait in our office to remind us to be humble, to give grace, to spend energy on loving instead of judging, and to always help where and when we can because you just never know what the future holds and what curveballs life might throw at you.”
The rescue found a foster home for Abby, and they said she has already settled in well. Her whole life so far has been spent in the same house, so she seemed excited to meet new humans and dogs.
Getting Ready for Adoption
Abby isn’t up for adoption yet, but she will be once she has a vet checkup and the rescue gets to know her better. Her foster mom said she quickly made herself at home by testing out every dog bed in the house. She also loves tasty snacks like fruit and cheese.
“Foster mom assured us that Abby, the senior beagle, has made herself right at home. She busied herself yesterday by trying out every single dog bed in the home. She thinks she’s Goldilocks,” Sanctuary Rescue wrote.
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If you’re interested in giving Abby a forever home, keep an eye on the rescue’s Petfinder page. Even if Abby gets adopted quickly, there are many other wonderful dogs up for adoption. Of course, whoever adopts Abby will also get to take all of her special belongings with them.

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