Family Member Abandons Dog Outside Burger King With Tear-Jerking Note

A dog tied up outside an Illinois Burger King gained a lot of attention when a group of people approached him and saw a heartbreaking note attached to his collar. It said: “Hi, I’m King. I’m a good boy. Love to hug & kiss.” The note also mentioned the dog’s birthday.
Even though the person who left the dog there didn’t responsibly surrender him, it was clear that someone loved him very much. So, instead of finding King a new home, people in the community gathered together to offer help to King’s human if they wanted it.
Searching for King’s Family
The Monee Police Department took King in and tried to find who he belonged to. When they were unsuccessful, they sent him to the South Suburban Humane Society. They planned to put him up for adoption, but then, his human came to the shelter.
King’s mom explained her situation between tears. She said that she was injured at work and suffered from Post Concussion Syndrome, making her unable to do her job. She had to move in with a family member while she tried to get back on her feet. While she was there, one of her family members abandoned King outside of Burger King without telling her.
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“Her family member abandoned King without her knowledge and she is devastated. She brought all of his food, toys, treats, and we had a tearful conversation together,” the South Suburban Humane Society wrote on Facebook. “She wants to try and find a new place to live to keep her extremely well taken care of dog that she deeply loves.”
One of the humane society’s staff members offered to foster King so his mom could find a place where dogs are welcome. The kind volunteer agreed to keep King at her home for a month, and soon, King and his mom got a happy ending.
Reunited at Last!
While King was in his foster home, someone set up a GoFundMe to help King’s human. The fundraiser’s goal was $3,000, but it has now raised nearly $7,000! So, King’s mom was able to find temporary living arrangements where she and King could be together.
The humane society recorded the moment King saw his mom again after being in a foster home for about a month. When King saw his human, he wagged his tail so quickly that his whole butt wiggled. His human squealed with excitement as she cuddled with her best friend.
“It was a very emotional reunion for the two of them,” said Emily Klehm, CEO of the South Suburban Humane Society. “It was evident to our team how much love and affection there is between them, and he was totally overjoyed to see her. She was sobbing as she was telling me all of the things that have happened to her, and I had tears streaming down my face.”
No matter what issues we face in life, our love for our dogs never fades away. King and his human have an unbreakable bond, and it’s wonderful that so many dog lovers were willing to help them stay together.
Watch King’s Reunion with His Human Here:

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