Dog Can’t Contain Her Excitement When Baby Human Appears

Not every dog reacts the same when a child enters the family. Some get jealous of having to share the spotlight, while others look after the new addition like they would their own puppy. Luckily, a fluffy dog named Chloe is an example of the latter. Chloe was so excited to meet her new baby brother that her humans could barely contain her.
Chloe’s moms shared an adorable video of her first time meeting her human baby brother, Cody. It’s one of the most heartwarming videos you’ll see, but the cuteness doesn’t stop there!
Chloe Meets Cody
For the nine months that Chloe’s human was pregnant, the dog stayed by her side. She regularly curled up beside her mom’s belly as if she knew a tiny human was growing inside. Chloe’s family was hopeful that the dog’s enthusiasm would continue after the baby was born.
The new parents didn’t want to rush interactions between Chloe and Cody. To introduce the two of them, one parent stayed in a room with Cody while the other led Chloe into the room on a leash. As soon as Chloe realized there was a baby in the room, she pulled toward the tiny human as her owner attempted to hold her back.
The two moms watched carefully as Chloe sniffed Cody for the first time. The baby stayed still as Chloe sniffed him all over and wagged her tail like crazy. No matter how many times they pulled Chloe away from Cody, the pup was always eager to rush back and get more sniffs. Chloe loved the baby more than she ever could’ve imagined.

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Lifelong Buddies
Chloe’s love for Cody didn’t stop there. Months later, the two are still inseparable, and Chloe spends as much time with the baby as possible. Whenever Cody lies outside, Chloe lies beside him. If he’s resting on a blanket inside, she puts her head next to him. If Cody is playing with toys, Chloe will join in on the fun.
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Cody’s moms regularly post videos of his interactions with his canine sister. One of the cutest videos is from Halloween when the duo dressed up as Beauty and the Beast. It’s impossible to look at their costumes without saying, “aw!”
Cody and Chloe are always supervised when they’re together, but that doesn’t stop their love from growing. They have such a wholesome friendship. We should all strive to have as much love as this dog and baby have!

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