Little Dog Desperately Runs After Couple’s Car To Ask For Help

A couple was driving down a country road when a dog suddenly appeared in the rearview mirror. She chased the car with all her might. They were unsure, at first, if the dog had an owner nearby and was just playfully giving chase. But the couple quickly realized that the dog actually needed their help.
They stopped the car and gave the pup some water. She lapped it right up. She was dirty and covered in ticks. Her coat was overgrown and her eyes were gunky. The couple was concerned she was lost, so they went to search for her owner. But no one knew the dog. They even checked the shelter nearby to see if anyone reported their dog missing, but they didn’t have any information either.
The couple was most concerned that the dog had purposely been abandoned out there. Who could be that cruel?! They took the pup to the vet and found out she wasn’t microchipped. The concerned couple continued to search for her family online. You can’t miss what happens next! Let’s just say the dog chased down the right car at exactly the right time!
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