Shelter Waiting For DNA Results To Determine Whether Or Not Rescued “Canine” Is Actually A Dog

Dallas police officers recently rescued an absolutely adorable puppy who was found all alone, huddled-up and having a meal next to a dumpster. But once they got a good look at her, they realized that it may actually be a baby dog, a fox, or perhaps even a coyote. They honestly aren’t sure. 
So everyone involved decided it would be in their, and the tiny pup’s, best interest to test her DNA so they can be certain.
The Dallas Police Department found the stray puppy scarfing down some food near a dumpster in south Dallas. The handsome pup hung-out with the officers in their patrol car until Dallas Animal Services arrived on the scene. But between the officers and animal services, they weren’t completely convinced whether or not the “canine” they found is a coyote, a dog, or perhaps even another wild species.
Once Dallas Animal Services arrived, they took over her care, and they decided to name the tan colored pup, Toast. Her coloring, plus her big ears, are contributing to some people saying that she looks like a coyote puppy. Others are saying she resembles a fox. Yet, animal services is thinking she’s most likely a mixed-breed domestic dog. 
“My money is on domestic. If I had money it would be on domestic,” said Dallas Animal Services officer Jacqui Sutherland.
While Toast may look like a coyote pup, wildlife animal services officers aren’t completely convinced she’s a coyote either. Their money is also on domesticated dog. But, it’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s incredibly important to keep wildlife wild, and if she’s a fox or a coyote, she will be treated much differently than if she’s a domestic dog. 
 The results of the DNA test will determine what will happen next for this adorable little pup. If she’s determined to be a dog, she will be available for adoption. And, as of right now, there are a ton of people lining up to potentially be her forever family. But for now, Toast is being fostered by a wildlife animal services officer, just in case.
Either way, Toast is absolutely adorable. It will take 10 to 14 days to determine the pup’s genetic makeup. So all we can do for now is wait.
What do you think? Do you think Toast is something wild, or a domestic dog that resembles a coyote pup? We’d love for you to share your thoughts.

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