20 Best U.S. Cities For Dog Parents Looking To Date

First dates can be overwhelming. There’s always the fear of making a bad impression or not knowing the right things to say. Even though dates are normally a one-on-one event, many pet parents prefer to bring their best friend along: their dog!
Having a dog on a first date can be more relaxing for both people involved. Dogs can spark conversations and relieve stress from whoever is petting them. Plus, you’ll get to see if your dog and date get along well before pursuing the relationship further. As long as you can find a dog-friendly date spot, bringing your dog on dates is often a positive experience.
However, not every city is suitable for letting dogs tag along on dates. So, Pawlicy Advisor conducted a study to determine which U.S. cities were best for dog parents looking to date.

What Factors Were Considered?
To determine the most dog-friendly cities for dating, Pawlicy Advisor used the following factors.
Sociocultural Factors

Single Population

Weight: 2.75
Source: U.S. Census

Dog Ownership By State

Weight: 2.75
Source: AVMA

Number of Dog Parks Per 100k People

Weight: 1.50
Source: Trust for Public Land


Weight: 1.00
Source: Walk Score

Number of Pet-Friendly Rentals Per 100k People

Weight: 1.00
Source: Rent.com

Date Night Factors

Cost of a Date Night Dinner

Weight: 1.50
Source: Numbeo

Cost of Date Night Drinks

Weight: 1.50
Source: Expatistan

Number of Pet-Friendly Restaurants Per 100k People

Weight: 1.75
Source: Yelp

Number of Pet-Friendly Breweries Per 100k People

Weight: 1.75
Source: Yelp

Number of Pet-Friendly Venues Per 100k People

Weight: 0.50
Source: Yelp

Environmental Factors

Total Rainfall (inches)

Weight: 1.00
Source: Best Places

Avg. Temperature Deviation From 60°F

Weight: 0.75
Source: Best Places

Avg. Number of Sunny Days Per Year

Weight: 1.00
Source: Best Places

Number of Hiking Trails Per 100k People

Weight: 0.75
Source: Hiking Project

Number of Pet-Friendly Beaches Per 100k People

Weight: 0.50
Source: Yelp

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Best U.S. Cities For Dog Parent Dating
With all those factors in mind, the website calculated which U.S. cities were the best places for dating with dogs. These were the results:

Charleston, SC – 64.95
San Francisco, CA – 63.94
Greenville, SC – 62.93
Boise, ID – 62.90
Portland, OR – 62.40
Denver, CO – 61.89
Tampa, FL – 61.32
St. Louis, MO – 61.02
Albuquerque, NM – 61.01
Sarasota, FL – 60.94
Columbia, SC – 60.78 [tie]
Sacramento, CA – 60.78 [tie]
Knoxville, TN – 57.98
Las Vegas, NV – 57.93
Tucson, AZ – 57.61
Fort Myers, FL – 57.07
San Diego, CA – 56.61
Little Rock, AR – 56.29
Austin, TX – 55.54
Orlando, FL – 54.86

Best U.S. Cities By Category
Pawlicy Advisor also showed the results for each category of factors. So, if one category is more important to you than others, here are the best cities in each group with their ratio number.
Sociocultural Factors

Columbia, SC – 0.71
Little Rock, AR – 0.69
Boise, ID – 0.68
San Francisco, California – 0.67 [tie]
Las Vegas, NV – 0.67 [tie]

Date Night Factors

Greenville, SC – 0.90
Sarasota, FL – 0.81
Charleston, SC – 0.78
Orlando, FL – 0.77
Tampa, FL – 0.74

Environmental Factors

El Paso, TX – 0.81
Albuquerque, NM – 0.80
San Diego, CA – 0.77
Las Vegas, NV – 0.75
San Jose, CA – 0.71

Even if your city isn’t mentioned in this article, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring your dog on dates with you. It just means it might be harder for you to find a place where your pup will be allowed. No matter where you live, make sure you tell your date in advance that you’d like to bring your dog so you both know what to expect.
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