Dog Leaves Owner To Find A Better Life, Ends Up Where She Belongs

When a dog showed up at a family’s house in a rural area, they were stumped. There were no houses nearby, and they had never seen the dog before. The homeowner, Jayke, responsibly made a post on Facebook asking for any information, hoping to reunite the pup with her owner. Jayke was absolutely horrified by the response that followed.
A woman left a comment that the pup, named Bubbles, belonged to her aunt. After 7 years, Bubbles’ owner simply decided she no longer wanted her. This brought Jayke to tears. How can anyone do this to a precious animal?! She decided to keep Bubbles so no one would give up on the dog again.
Jayke’s toddler, Louie, instantly connected with Bubbles. He’s already an avid dog lover. In fact, his first word was “dog.” The two quickly became inseparable. Jayke’s husband brings their one dog to work every day and said to her, “There’s absolutely no way I’m taking two dogs to work.” But the very next day, guess what! Both dogs were inside his truck heading to his job.
Destiny led Bubbles to the place she always belonged! We adore this video, and you will too! Thank you to the wonderful family who didn’t hesitate to open their hearts to Bubbles. The perfect family was already waiting for her, even if they didn’t know it yet.
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