Conveniently Train Your Pup At Your Own Pace With SpiritDog!

Dog training is essential for all canines, but not every dog parent has the time or money to visit a dog trainer. Yet, trying to train your dog without assistance can also be tricky. So, SpiritDog Online Dog Training offers a way for you and your dog to get help from dog trainers in your home and at your own pace.
SpiritDog’s online classes can help you train your dog in the courses of your choice without overwhelming you or your furry friend. Whether your dog is a puppy, adult, or senior, they could benefit from learning these new skills.

What is SpiritDog Training?
SpiritDog is a company that offers online training courses for dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes. It was founded by Steffi Trott, who has been training dogs both in person and online since 2013. The most important part of in-person dog training is the work you do with your dog after sessions, so SpiritDog’s online courses are a way for you to focus on one-on-one training with your dog without needing to visit a physical location.
When you sign up for SpiritDog, you can access your selected classes at any time so you can work through them at your own pace. Some of the training bundles include puppy training, general obedience, reactivity, and loose-leash walking. You can also ask a professional trainer questions at any point once you sign up.
How Does SpiritDog Training Work?
All of SpiritDog’s training methods are modern, positive, and science-based. The courses focus on rewarding dogs instead of punishing them. So, finding a high-value treat for your dog is the key to success during these sessions. When you get started, you can choose between single courses and course bundles, depending on which is best for your dog’s needs.
I tested a few of SpiritDog’s training videos with my rescue dog, Mabel. While practicing the training techniques, I quickly learned that SpiritDog’s videos are thorough and easy to follow. Proper training involves patience and consistency, so every training video can be repeated as many times as needed. SpiritDog sets dogs up for success by teaching you how to gradually introduce your dog to new commands and activities.

Mabel quickly picked up on the training sessions we tried. With the help of some of her favorite treats, she stayed focused on me, even with distractions around. Every time I try a new lesson with her, she’s eager to learn! By adding the new skills to her training sessions, it has been easier for me to get her attention and redirect her, which is helpful when she barks at dogs walking by.
SpiritDog’s Popular Training Bundles
Your dog’s training journey will vary based on what you want them to learn. Here are some details for three of SpiritDog’s most popular bundles to help you select the best option for your pup.
Tackling Reactivity Bundle
Even if your dog has already taken basic obedience classes, they may still struggle with reactivity, whether it’s toward other dogs, humans, or certain sounds. SpiritDog’s Tackling Reactivity Bundle can help your dog feel more comfortable around their triggers by using over 100 online courses to help reactive dogs.
The Tackling Reactivity Bundle costs only $49 and comes with the following:

Training Habits & Rewards Mini-Course
Attention Booster Mini-Course
Hyperactivity Helper Mini-Course
Stop Jumping Mini-Course
Separation Anxiety Solutions Mini-Course
Tackling Reactivity Online Course
14 Days for better Focus – Ebook
Audio Segments

Ultimate Puppy Program
SpiritDog’s Ultimate Puppy Bundle contains everything new puppy parents need to properly train their new furry friend, including potty training, leash walking, crate training, and puppy tricks. There are even courses that focus on specific problem areas, like puppy biting or jumping. The beginning of a dog’s life is the most influential, so using these training videos during their puppy stage can help enforce good behaviors for the rest of their life.
The Ultimate Puppy Program costs only $49 and includes the following:

Training Habits & Rewards Mini-Course
Attention Booster Mini-Course
Hyperactivity Helper Mini-Course
Stop Jumping Mini-Course
Separation Anxiety Solutions Mini-Course
Ultimate Puppy Program Course
14 Days for better Focus Ebook
Breed-Specific Puppy Raising

Ultimate Masterclass Bundle
Tackling every area of training can help your dog be obedient in all situations, and it can help you and your furry friend form a closer bond. SpiritDog’s Ultimate Masterclass Bundle contains all of the website’s courses and mini-courses for only $499. You’ll have access to these courses for life, so you and your pup can follow them at a pace that works best for both of you.

How to Get Started with SpiritDog
SpiritDog has courses that can benefit a wide variety of dogs, so if you’re interested in training your pup through this convenient online platform, it’s easy to get started. First, you can choose which bundles or individual courses you want to work on with your dog. Before purchasing one, you can see how many courses are included and what types of topics it will cover.
SpiritDog cares about seeing your dog succeed. So, if you aren’t finding success with the course you purchased in the first 60 days, you can get your money back. Plus, signing up for SpiritDog will give you lifetime access to feedback from the company’s trainers. Visit SpiritDog’s website to get your pup signed up for online training today!
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