Adopter Asked ‘Why Would You Get An Old Dog That’s Just Going To Die?’ Has Best Answer

Shelters do their best to help rescue pups find forever families as quickly as possible. Life in the shelter certainly isn’t ideal and can be a bit stressful. But sometimes, there are special cases that can take a bit longer to reach their happy ending. 
Mitch, the Treeing Walker Coonhound, was one of those cases. But after seven long years of waiting, the 12-year-old pup finally found the perfect forever home.
When Mitch first arrived at the Cashiers-Highland Humane Society back in 2016, he was emaciated and extremely high-strung. But as he aged, and with lots of love and attention from the shelter’s caring staff, Mitch mellowed. Yet, as time passed by, finding him a forever home became more and more of a challenge. 
Sadly, the older dogs get, the less people seem to be interested in adopting them.
“I’ve had it said to me by several people, ‘why would you go get a dog that age just for it to die on you?’ And I said, ‘so he can have a home beforehand. It’s not about me; it’s about Mitch. He needed a home, and thankfully, we can provide that for him,” said Theresa Shular, Mitch’s new mom.
Despite Mitch being in perfect health, and even appearing on a TV news segment that put him in the spotlight in 2019, he still didn’t have any luck finding a forever family. But a video the shelter recently posted to TikTok depicting some details of his heart-tugging story finally helped him find a family of his very own.
“I cried when I watched it the first time. I cried when I watched it the second time. I thought about it and prayed about it for a few days.” said Mitch’s new mom. 
Mitch is no longer Cashiers-Highland Humane Society’s longest resident. Nowadays, he spends his time laying on his porch, soaking up the sun, and roaming around the large property he now calls home sweet home. It may have been quite a lengthy wait, but Mitch has finally found a family that will love and adore him for the rest of his life. 
“I believe that if Mitch has a message for all of us, it’s just that: never give up,” said Cashiers-Highland Humane Society’s director, David Stroud. 
You can check-out a news report about this cute Coonhound finally finding himself a happy, forever home, below. Best wishes, Theresa and Mitch!

Featured Photo: Screenshot/YouTube
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